Interesting, very interesting.

For the first time you’ve pegged Chris as the next “Survivor” to pack his bags tonight. There’s sound logic to it – the women have a 6-3 advantage over the men, and Julie and Twila’s jaw-dropping betrayal of their guy/gal alliance last week indicates the women are sticking together.

Must have been all that bonding over body paint.

Not all of you are convinced that estrogen bond is so tight – Ami got the second-most votes.

This is when “Survivor” gets good.

Week 9 Voting Results Total votes: 50

Survivor # Votes %

Chris 16 32%

Ami 12 24%

Chad 8 16%

Lea 8 16%

Eliza 3 6%

Leann 1 2%

Scout 1 2%

Twila 1 2%

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