In a short time carload after carload of Christmas trees will begin to go out of Maine for the New York markets. Every season thousands of fir trees are cut down, tied into bundles neatly, and packed in freight trains. For the past ten years the business of shipping Christmas trees from this State has been fast increasing until now it gives employment to a large number of men. It is said the demand this year will be for larger trees than formerly, the practice of having trees in private homes is dying out. The larger trees are used at churches, principally.

50 Years Ago, 1954

The Rumford Point ferry, reported to be the last operating ferry in the State, is to close Sunday. A spokesman for the Callahan Bros., Contractors, of Mechanic Falls, stated that the ferry is to operate as usual Sunday for the last time. Residents of the area will be forced to detour for some time, since the new bridge, which is to replace the ferry, is not scheduled for completion until October, 1955. However, the bridge, in spite of the high waters which have hindered construction this Summer, is at present more than one month ahead of schedule.

25 Years Ago, 1979

“Chip” Carter, President Jimmy Carter’s second son, forged an early start to his father’s re-election campaign in Maine Thursday, emphasizing that the critical Iranian situation will not threaten the supply of home heating oil to the state. “No one knows the impact of the Iranian situation. But, it will not cause a shortage of heating oil,” the 29-year-old Carter said before addressing a group of state and local officials at Steckino’s Restaurant in Lewiston. President Carter’s regional campaign manager, Tracy Gallagher, emphasized that the nation currently has 247 million gallons of heating oil stockpiled for the winter, 7 million more gallons than the projected goal of the storage program.

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