Have you ever read the story East of the Sun, West of the Moon? Well if you have you know it’s a great story, but we’ve made it even greater! This play version is way more whacked and it’s hilarious! We’ve got an evil ice witch, a ditzy princess, a numb prince, and many more goofy characters. Also, this show has got your favorite punk rock music from beginning to end, but don’t worry, this play is truly a delight for all ages, from young kids to adults.

Now, if you have not heard the story here is a short summary: Prince Nordo (Ian Mulligan) is kidnapped by the wiley character, Hob (Aidan Boardman). Unknown to the ice witch, Ancilla (Helen O’Neill), Hob is actually trying to save Nordo from marrying the ditzy long-nosed princess (Erin Morse) and keep his dear witch from breaking the sacred witches code. Nordo, after being transformed into a “part-time” polar bear, seeks help from a poor, young girl who lives in the forest, Snowdrop (Leah Costlow). With no help from her Poppa (Phillip Sears) she meets two very strange hags, Brill (Derrick Lacasse) and Hug (Stacie Gooldrup) who do, eventually, find a way to help her. She is swept away by the North Wind (Courtney Hansen) to Ancilla’s castle and where more adventures await . . . . . . . but, I’m sorry I can’t tell you about them… I’ll just have to see you at the show!

AMS Theater


Auburn Middle School

Director, Liz Rollins

off Court Street

on Falcon Drive

Thursday & Friday

Nov. 18-19 at 7 p.m.


Nov. 20 at 2 p.m.

$4 admission

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