SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Sandra K. Dennis and Marilyn Sahlberg and estate of Rebecca W. C. Bailey and Sandra A. Dennis to Western Maine Custom Builders, in Bethel.

Geraldine M. LeClair to Beverly J. Newcomb, in Mexico.

Michelle L. Oliver and Philip E. Bibeau and estate of Margaret A. Bibeau and Philip E. Bigelow to George W. and Lori A. Buxton, in Otisfield.

NIAL Construction Inc. to ERAS LLC, in Newry.

Elizabeth A. Doran Healey and Elizabeth A. Doran to Deborah E. and John J. Scanlon, in Bethel.

Paul Legault to Paul Legault and Charisa Legault and Bearhaven Realty Trust, in Newry.

Edward G. and Diana E. Witt to Paul J. and Wilma J. Rector, in Andover.

Linda A. Ahlquist and Robert C. Ahlquist Jr. to Charles and Caterina Gaura, in Andover.

Kathleen M. Touchette to Dianne Farrington, in Rumford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Michael S. and Julie G. Drapeau, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Ronald R. and Kathleen A. Carroll, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Sarah K. Cummings, in Bethel.

Savage Land Development LLC to Donald K. and Sharon D. Cummings, in Bethel.

Bethel Commodore Corp. to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Ire O. Brown Jr. and Ire O. Brown Jr. Revocable Trust to Town of Rumford, in Rumford.

Edgar Barnard and estate of Steven E. Bernard to Edgar J. and Dorothy M. Bernard, in Rumford.

Edgar J. and Dorothy M. Bernard to Lawrence J. and Sara J. Perry, in Rumford.

Edgar J. and Dorothy M. Bernard to Bernard Living Trust, in Rumford.

River View Timeshare Trust to Ronald W. Brann and Rowena M. Nichols, Michael R. Kent and Suzanne D. McMorrow, Earl J. Cummings and Susan J. Hall, Winford C. Nowell, Daniel H. and Lynne M. Delcourt, in Bethel.

Michael Colgan and Frank Russo to Michael Colgan and Frank Russo, in Andover.

Peter Phillips to Douglas A. and Elizabeth Chamberlain, in Bethel.

Fred I. Howard Jr. and Ralph Howard and estate of John T. Howard to Ralph Howard, in Roxbury.

Stephen H. Brown to Brian P. and Wendy M. Lane, in Norway.

Robert K. Ingerson and Ross and Penny Gowen to Robert K. Ingerson, in Hartford.

Earl L. Tyler and Agatha R. Kimball to Richard N. and Sheryl L. Ramsay, in Bethel.

Daniel L. and Stacey Bilodeau and Stacey Bressler to Bruce R. Overman and Joyce E. Swan, in Woodstock.

Robert C. and Laurei E. Sirois to Janice F. Mann, in Newry and Bethel.

Florence B. Kraft to Thomas C. Brown II, in Andover.

Robert Pizzi to Dennis R. and Debbie S. Moreau, in Canton.

Christopher Pizzi to Dennis R. and Debbie S. Moreau, in Canton.

Michael Pizzi to Dennis R. and Debbie S. Moreau, in Canton.

Dennis Pizzi to Dennis R. and Debbie S. Moreau, in Canton.

Fayea Zipeto to Dennis R. and Debbie S. Moreau, in Canton.

Ralph and Elizabeth Papasadora and Ralph and Elizabeth Papsadora to Earland Tidswell Jr. and Elizabeth Tidswell and Elizabeth Tidwell, in Rumford.

Madeline Brown to Nancy A. Brown, in Rumford.

Madeline Brown to Nicholas Brown, in Peru.

Christopher J. West to Darcy Elizabeth Ames, in Hartford.

Scott Terkelsen to Bruce L. Parker, in Greenwood.

Andrea C. Browne to Richard B. and Janet W. Scott, in West Paris.

Bruce W. and Cecilia P. Pavao to Mark A. McPherson, in Bethel.

Raymond P. Iannotti to Richard V. Corriveau, in Sumner.

Linda J. Cloutier and Linda J. Bernard to Timothy C. and Kristina L. Bernard, in Buckfield.

Barbara M. Yates to Arthur E. and Janice A. Bordeau, in Mexico.

Arthur E. and Janice A. Bordeau to Ryan J. and Arthur E. Bordeau, in Mexico.

Howard P. and John H. Lowell to John H. and Mary B. Lowell, in Buckfield.

Donald R. Simpson to Robert Lovell, in Newry.

Estate of Robert Brett and Donald G. Brett to Donald G. and Julie A. and Patricia A. and Roland D. Brett, in West Paris.

Sarah L. Cook to Donald F. and Faith A. Phipps, in Bethel.

Linwood A. Andrews to Western Maine Funeral Group Inc., in Woodstock.

Joseph P. and Linda A. Pantani to Robert N. and Karen J. R. Ouellette, in Sumner.

Michael J. Maciolek and Keren Schlomy to Mary A. Angis and Henry J. Cattadoris, in Bethel.

Community Concepts Inc. to Michelle Sweetsir, in Buckfield.

Community Concepts Inc. to James Coffin and Juanita L. Toothaker, in Paris.

Julie A.Williams and Julie A. Cooper to Jeremy R. and Jennifer Waddell, in Paris.

Joanne Bouchard to Wayne and Joanne Bouchard, in Rumford.

Deborah J. Rice to Michelle A. Snow, in Paris.

Robert L. and Cynthia J. Blake to Stanley Walker Jr. and Diane W. Walker, in Bethel.

Ski Tracks Inc. to Paul D. and Kathleen Chiasson, in Bethel.

Jason A. Forget and Andrew Berman to Jason A. Forget, in Newry.

Timesharevalues Com LLC to Ramon and Mary and Aaron L. and John P. Batiato, in Bethel.

Richard A. Tibbetts to Wendell W. Cressey, in Oxford.

James W. and Deborah Day Oliver to Deborah Day Oliver, in Bethel.

Lois D. Knight and Charleen Knight Ripley to Charles R. Knight Jr., in Paris.

Marie D. Wanser to Joseph M. and Debra Hickey, in Albany Township.

D. Wayne Dillon and estate of Joseph Francis Dillon to Darleta S. Morrill, in Oxford.

Lionel N. Belanger and Therence J. Parise and Anita M. Parise to William G. and Arilla J. Ruff, in Roxbury.

Lloyd L. Poland to Shane A. Poland, in Woodstock.

Shane A. Poland to Lloyd L. Poland, in West Paris.

Neal and Carol Hall to Julie A. Williams, in Woodstock.

Arthur G. Bouchard Jr. to John L. and Deanna J. Morgan, in Rumford.

Ralph J. Provencher to Ellery and Lori Dyer, in Hartford.

Brian A. Martin to Stephen M. and Tracey L. Milledge, in Mexico.

David F. Heintz Sr. and Margaret M. Heintz to David F. Heintz Sr. and Margaret M. Heintz, in Dixfield.

Frank J. and Julie P. Koris to Douglas A. Lothrop Jr. and Julie C. Lothrop, in Rumford.

Joseph Maurice Roy and Joseph M. P. Roy to Philip L. Broomhall Sr. and Teresa Broomhall, in Rumford.

David A. and Charlotte S. Hutchins to Carolynne G. Johnson, in Andover.

Kenneth H. Mason and estate of Kenneth E. Mason Jr. to Kenneth H. Mason, in Bethel.

James H. Calyer and Sandra J. Calyer and John J. and Jean M. Holt to John J. and Jean M. Holt, in Magalloway Plantation.

Michael D. Payne to Payne Properties LLC, in Rumford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to David M. Siwicki, in Newry.

William J. and Margaret A. Mattor to Herbert K. Hosie and Trudy A. Brandt, in Mexico.

Stephen and Tracey Milledge and Tracey Blodgett to Catherine B. Johnson, in Rumford.

Paul E. Hutchins and Jessica Marie Freeman to Paul E. Hutchins, in Andover.

Edward F. and Michael J. and Maryanne E. Forbes to Michael J. and Maryanne E. Forbes, in Newry.

Lloyd L. Poland to Jeanne M. and Tanya Carrier, in Rumford.

Lloyd L. Poland to Fred C. Thompson Jr. and Edith R. Thompson, in Rumford.

Roy S. Harris to Gerald Kilgore, in Paris.

David L. Yates and Alvin E. Yates to Georgia S. Randall, in Paris.

Alvin J. Coleman Inc. and Alvin J. Coleman and Son Inc. to Daniel S. Topa Jr. and Lisa M. Topa, in Albany Township.

Thomas A. and Tonda L. Davies to Thomas A. Davies and Tonda L. Davies and Davies Family Revocable Trust of 2004, in Greenwood.

Charlotte Hamel to Thomas S. and Sally L. Carey, in Rumford.

Odessa Corporation to Eben Hobbs, in Paris.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Kris and Gretchen Anderson, in Newry.

Verne E. Paradie Sr. and Deborah C. Paradie to Shannon M. Prokey, in Hartford.

Anna Brown to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Peggy Goddard to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Twin Town Homes and Robert Huotari to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Mary E. Cullinan to Town of Paris, in Paris.

Paul A. Langevin and Clara A. Allen and estate of Avetta Mae Langevin to Annette Mary Arsenault and Richard Antonio Langevin and Peter Bernard Langevin, in Rumford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Robert Landers and Jennifer Ross, in Norway.

Community Concepts Inc. to Erin and Daniel Langlois, in Hartford.

Community Concepts Inc. to Jesse Gilbert, in Paris.

Community Concepts Inc. to Pamela G. and William K. Hodsdon, in Paris.

David W. and Irene E. Millett to D and L Enterprises LLC, in Norway.

John and Marcia Rogers to Gustaf M. and Nancy D. Carlson, in Rumford.

Savage Land Development LLC to Diane M. and Michael F. Perry, five in Bethel.

Bradford S. and Susan E. Adley to Tracy L. Gauvin, in Rumford.

Edward G. Witt Sr. and Diana E. Witt and Edward G. Witt to Ruby W. Kulpa and Frank N. Clifford, in Andover.

J. Ferol Jones to Kevin Andresen, in Newry.

David J. Everett and Everett Development Co. to P and K Sand and Gravel Inc., in Paris.

James C. and Judith A. Dorian to Donna J. Small, in Bethel.

Gerard W. and Donna L. Bowes to John H. Neal, in Oxford.

Claudia J. Burmeister to Richard A. and Kathy A. Santos, in Newry.

Mark E. and Carmen M. Fox to Stephen N. and Cathy S. Jack, in Buckfield.

Robert Sacco to Mark L. Drobnis and Janet A. Fraser, in Peru.

John M. and Colleen A. Wilcox to Richard F. and Dona G. St. Cyr, in Rumford.

Richard M. Morin to Adrien Morin Jr. and Jacqueline Morin, in Waterford.

Joseph B. Young to James A. Perry and Lorraine C. Nash and Huntington Realty Trust, in Canton.

David J. Everett to James W. Everett, in Waterford.

Joseph A. Coltraro and Barbara L. Coltraro to Michael E. Mazul and Agnes Lombardi and Virginia Hardy, in Paris.

Sally J. McDonald to Christopher G. Molloy, in Newry.

Gilman Tuell to Steven P. Margaret A. Quinn, in West Paris/Paris.

Lester J. Bartson and Edward Y. Reid and Hearth and Eagle Realty Trust III to Annie Laughton and Arthur Bernier, in Canton.

Michael A. Mann to Mary M. and Eckart Horn, in Paris.

Jean A. Smart to Mary and Eckart Horn, in Paris.

Dorothy W. and David Keith York to Oxford Built to Suit II LLC, in Bethel.

Robert H. Bogard III and Jennifer M. Bogard to David B. Hart, in West Paris/Woodstock.

Bethel Inn Corp. to Barry K. Johnson and Ann Marie Marr, Abraham A. and Teresa M. Abadi, Andrew P. and Kim M. Fontaine, Virginia E. and Robert McIver, Alfred Colin J. and Marcelline E. Everard, Christina Fagerstal, John S. Clifton and Dana Williams, Stephen Soreff and Marguerite Tucker, Steven E. and Wendy W. Moores, in Bethel.

Virginia and Robert McIver to Bethel Inn Corp., in Bethel.

Richard Alsfeld and Sigrid Nordlund to Bethel Inn Corp., in Bethel.

Lois J. Gammon and estate of Gerald C. Gammon to Lois J. Gammon, in Sumner.

Cathy S. Jack to Gene H. Bell, in Buckfield.

Denis J. and Robin L. and Ronald C. and Penelope A. Dufour to Robert R. and Nikki L. Boucher, in Buckfield.

Waterford Properties and Waterford Properties Inc. to Paul Morton and Danielle Tran, in Norway.

Nasser and Parivash Rohani to Quentin J. and Glenice M. Henderson, in Otisfield.

Maine Mercer Realty Trust and Thomas J. Mercer and Lorraine C. Mercer to Timothy F. and Beverly A. Miller, in Newry.

Linda S. and Richard A. Blackman to R. Edward and Pamela L. Griffin, in Rumford.

Bruce H. Davis to Aaron Brooks, in Hebron.

Laurence A. Stretton to Laurence A. and Sherri L. Stretton, in Waterford.

Lloyd L. and Shirley A. Leeman and Kimberly A. Bedard to Giles Emile Frenette and Colleen Ellen Frenette, in Albany Township.

Joseph T. and Linda L. Gallaher to Sarah Cook, in Bethel.

Richard W. and Avis S. Winchester to Matthew S. Albert, in Newry.

Matthew E. Supple to Charles L. and Elizabeth A. Rhoads, in West Paris.

Betsey A. Cummings to Mary McFadden and Lawrence T. P. Stifler, in Greenwood.

Savage Land Development LLC to Joshua Storey, in Greenwood.

Joy A. Conant to Albert E. Wood Jr., in Buckfield.

Darrell M. and Marlene K. Parker to Thomas Lowell, in Hartford.

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