Sheriff Cummings has been a busy man for the past week. The new sheriff has been making some changes, one of which, the arranging of a new menu, is appreciated by the prisoners. Three slices of bread with a cup of coffee without milk or sugar in the morning for breakfast and again three slices of bread with a cup of tea in the evening for supper gets rather monotonous. Sheriff Cummings intends that the prisoners shall have a variety.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Engineer Frank E. Hollis, 75, retired today after 55 years of railroading and as he climbed from the cab of his Maine Central Diesel, passenger service ended on the road’s Portland Rumford Branch. It was only shortly before Hollis guided the last Rumford-bound passenger train out of Union Station at Portland today that the veteran railroader said he would quit at the end of the 93.7 mile run.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Are there too many ambulances running around the Twin Cities, costing Lewiston-Auburn residents more than necessary for emergency medical services? According to a report filed this month by the staff of a non-profit health care review committee, yes. Maine Health Systems Agency staffers claim the calls now handled by six ambulances could be easily handled by four vehicles.

, three for emergencies and one for routine transfers.

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