Students from different worlds came together at Edward Little High School for a Thanksgiving celebration. On Thursday, Nov. 18, several English Language Learners went to the Career Development kitchen to bake pies. Taking part in this activity were Delcy Romero (Honduras), Abdi Abdillahi (Somalia), Fatuma Haji-Hersi (Somalia) and Ibrahim Osman (Somalia.)

These students first made a pumpkin pie and left it to bake. During the next period, other students arrived to check on the pumpkin pie and prepare an apple pie. The pumpkin pie was ready, and Delcy took it out of the oven.

The students who made the apple pie were Qamar Moallim, Fardous Osman and Elham Salah, all from Somalia, Danny Suazo (Puerto Rico), Delcy, Ibrahim, Fatuma and Thuy Tran (Vietnamese).

First, we peeled the apples and then cut them into pieces. Then, we mixed the ingredients and stirred that into the apples. Then, we put the apples into the pie plate, and Qamar and Danny put the crust on; then we baked the pie.

On Friday, Hnin Lwin (Burma) and her brother, Nay Aung, as well as Elham, Fardous, Fatuma and Arjang Nowtash (Iran) peeled potatoes. While we were peeling the potatoes, we sometimes stopped to eat some nuts using a nutcracker. After the potatoes were ready to boil, Hnin and Nay prepared the stuffing.

Students were to come to the ELL room during the lunch period. We put two tables together to make one large table. Then we put plates, knives, forks, spoons, cups and napkins on the table.

During A lunch, about 13 people ate together, including Mr. Darren Leighton, social studies teacher. Other students came to eat during B, C and D lunches. Some people also stopped by to visit. I thought there might not be enough food, but it was good and there was enough for everybody.

The menu was turkey, mashed potatoes, squash, stuffing, cranberry sauce, home-made bread, pumpkin bread, tossed salad, apple juice and pie. Mr. Leighton brought in a mincemeat pie he made himself.

After everyone ate, Mr. Leighton played chess with Nay. Hnin and Thuy also played chess. By the end of the period, the students who had the late lunch were talking and socializing before their next class.

In addition to those already mentioned, others who took part in the meal included Angelika Guy and her friend Amy; Mrs. Jen Fortin, music teacher; Mrs. Nancy Martin, ELL teacher; Mrs. Linda Galway, assistant ELL teacher; Mohammed Haji-Hersi, Mulki Yonis, Muna Yonis, Muna Ali, Fartuna Ennaw, Sahra Odowa, Garte Sosmena, Vladimir Tolstihkin and Kat Donahue.

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