There is a strong movement on foot among true sportsmen who fish at Lake Auburn to attempt to put a stop to plug fishing at the lake. Plug fishing or plugging as many call it, is when a man keeps about a dozen lines over the side of a boat when after salmon or trout. It is considered unsportsmanlike to say the least. The practice has been in vogue at Lake Auburn by certain parties for some time, it is understood. Most of those who do this, ‘tis said, sell the fish which they catch.

50 Years Ago, 1954

Lewiston’s gaily-lighted business district was a mix and confused pattern of bumper-to-bumper vehicular traffic and throngs of pushing and bundle-laden pedestrians as Christmas shoppers continued what may be a record season for Yuletide sales. Police said some stores were jammed to capacity by the eager gift buyers and “big bundles” appeared to be more common than small packages.

25 Years Ago, 1979

Congress passed and sent to President Carter a $1.5 billion loan guarantee program to rescue the foundering Chrysler Corp. It is the largest federal bailout of a private company in U.S. history. The compromise, put together in six hours of meetings calls for Chrysler’s 105,000 unionized workers to give up $462.5 million in pay raises during the next three years as a condition for Chrysler receiving the federal loan guarantees. Without the aid, the giant automaker claimed it would be forced into bankruptcy by mid-January.

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