Most eighth graders can’t wait to get to high school, but when it comes down to the week before school, they become nervous. The Monmouth Academy Freshman class had no idea what to expect at the beginning of this school year. We had heard many positive and negative stories. The first day of school came, and we walked through the halls, trying to hide behind our friends, intimidated by the upperclassmen who were popular and smug. As time passed on, the upperclassmen became less intimidating, and we became closer friends. We realized that many of the stories people had told us in eighth grade were not true. The upperclassmen didn’t set out to make our lives miserable by calling us names or pushing us around the halls. We realized they might think we are annoying, but at least they still respected us.

It wasn’t only different being the younger classmen, but there were also many other things to get used to. The first day of school we received our schedules. We took one look at them and were already lost. How would we ever figure out how to read these? No freshman student would want to walk into the wrong class on the first day of school. After our trip to MOBY, these teachers were no longer just teachers; they were our friends but still expected many things out of us. They expected us to get our work done and passed in on time, to act mature, and to take responsibility. If we did these things, we would survive. One of the positive sides of being in high school now was the amount of freedom, although we would have to show we deserved it by taking responsibility.

This year, so far, has been enjoyable for everyone. For the athletes the sports are more competitive, and for everyone, people respect one another. It would be great if time would stop and allow us to be freshman forever, but we all know that will never happen.

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