All my dreams of you, slowly fading,

I no longer wish for you to want me back.

Everything I used to know, I now know nothing,

your life, your dreams,

has it all changed since I’ve been gone?

The things you taught me about life and destiny.

What ever happened to the memories we once had together?

Wanting you, needing you, loving you.

You were all I breathed,

from the moment we spoke,

in that humid gym, watching

the biggest basketball game of the season,

already finishing each others sentences,

laughing at the most

random things, barely

brushing up against you and my whole body

starting to tingle.

Day-dreaming about everything we ever had,

the friendship, the love,

Now look at us

Nothing more than a stranger in the halls,

walking by with a glance over your shoulders,

not even long enough to make

eye contacts.

Why did we walk our separate ways?

Never picking up all the fallen pieces

to our unexplainable puzzle of emotions

I never imagined the ending to be this brutal

But before I go, I want you to know

I’m leaving you with love

So long, farewell, my precious soulmate.

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