• Laundrymen from all over Maine will gather in Lewiston next Monday at which time the annual meeting of the Maine Laundrymen’s Association will be held at Hotel Atwood. It is expected that 100 members at least will be present while if the number is larger, it will not be surprising.

• A man drove into Auburn Friday morning and hitched his horse. He did not return for several hours, leaving the horse standing in the snow and shivering with the cold. A kind-hearted police officer learned of the affair and had the beast stabled.

50 Years Ago, 1955

An Auburn highway employee may not know it, but he escaped possible serious injury when, while shoveling snow at the crosswalk near the Auburn Savings Bank, his shovel hit and cut through a stick of dynamite. The worker, George Hart, picked up the severed stick, and turned it over to Patrolman Leonard Johnson who called the police station where it was delivered to Chief Alton E. Savage. Dynamite experts said today that dynamite can be exploded without electrical or fuse detonation. “Hitting a stick a certain way can cause it to blow,” one expert said. The stick was about eight inches in length and bore the inscription “Dupont, 60% glycerine.”

25 Years Ago, 1980

In less than three months, hearing-impaired Americans will have their best opportunity yet to participate in that most American of leisure activities – watching prime-time television. ABC, NBC and the Public Broadcasting System say they will launch a new “closed captioning system” that will allow viewers who have purchased a special decoder to read story captions directly on their TV screens. Sears, Roebuck & Co., which has agreed to sell the special decoders have listed the device in the catalog.

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