Last evening Deputy Marshal Leader and Officers Snow and Hamilton raided Mrs. Adeline Middleton’s place at 87 Main street, Lewiston, and secured a quantity of bottled ale and whiskey and arrested Mrs. Middleton, took her to the police station and placed her in the women’s cell. The police made a thorough search of the premises and found a case of bottled ale and one quart bottle of whiskey, which was hidden under a sofa.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A Minot couple has given a lease to Bell Minerals Co. of Gleason, Tenn., which will permit the firm to conduct prospecting activities on their Minot property for the next five years. The lease filed with Register Raymond J. Levesque at the Androscoggin County Register of Deeds office, involves 25 acres of land owned by S. Lee Thomas and Georgia F. Thomas. The lease started on Nov. 15, 1954. It gives the firm exclusive right for prospecting for feldspar, mica and other minerals. In payment for use of the property the firm will pay the couple, 35-cents a ton for feldspar removed, 15-cents a ton for quartz, 15% of the gross selling price for beryl, mica, spodumene, and others and 50% of the gross selling price for any gem stock which is removed.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Frank Vickery saw the sun rise over the highway this morning, but he wasn’t in his car. He was at work. “I love my job – I’ve always loved to tell people where to go,” Vickery said jokingly. For seven years, the 61 year-old Auburn man has been a toll collector at the Auburn Toll Plaza. And he’s met a lot of people during that stint. ” I may not know their name or where they live but chances are I know where they work,” he commented. Of those he’s met, he considers truck drivers to be the most helpful. “My wife used to worry about me working the midnight shift alone, but I’d tell her not to worry because every five minutes a truck driver comes through.”

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