•Bethel – The spool mill of J. P. Skillings was entirely destroyed by fire tonight. Fire started in the engine room about 6:30 and the entire structure with machinery and a large amount of stock was burned. Loss $25,000. Insurance $5000.

•Daniel Dexter the 14-year-old son of ex-Alderman E. N. Dexter, broke one of the bones in his right ankle while practicing on skis on East Avenue, Wednesday afternoon. The break was caused by a twisting motion. The boy crawled along as well as he could until a man came along with a team and carried him home.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Imports of cheap foreign textiles into this country already have caused the loss of 90 jobs for Lewiston-Auburn people it was revealed today. The disclosure was made in a petition being circulated by the employees of the Bates Division of the Bates Manufacturing Company, opposing the proposed further reduction of tariffs on textiles. The employee document stated that only ten employees are now at work at the plant on the manufacture of damask table covers and napkins and that: “A few years ago, before the wave of foreign imports hit us, there were 100 at work on damask in this plant. What happened to damask can happen to bedspreads, or fine goods, or any other products we make.”

25 Years ago, 1980

The lack of snow is having a snowballing effect on other parts of the economy besides the ski industry. Sales of snowmobiles, snowblowers and snow tires are down, most store managers report. “Our snowmobile business is rotten – very poor,” commented Jean Powers, parts manager of Delekto Bros. Inc., 597 Riverside Drive, Auburn. To give an example of “how badly business is hurting,” Powers said that when a customer buys a snowmobile, he also has his choice of a free snowthrower, rototiller, chainsaw or pushmower. “Last year business was very good, but this year it’s been dead. We need snow,” she commented.

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