That dreaded call that no one thinks they’ll get,

Well, I got that dreaded call and it’s one I’ll never forget.

You never think it could happen to you,

Or someone you hold dear.

But it can and now this is what I fear . . .

I fear that I could ruin everything starting with one bad mistake,

I fear for my friends who chose to make his same bad mistakes,

I fear for him.

I fear that he is sitting in heaven looking at what he is miss out on,

He’ll never get to see his baby girl start school.

He’ll never see his daughters go on their first date.

He’ll never be there to mend their broken hearts –

He’ll never get to see is daughters graduate.

he’ll never see his girls get married and have children.

I fear that he has no idea how many people loved and still love him,

I fear his girls will never know what a loving father he was or that he would do anything for them.

I fear that this story is going to replay and ruin someone else’s life.

So please next time you go to smoke pot or take drugs,

Remember what I said.

I know you think what you are doing is fun and there is no harm in getting high once in a while,

But a little pot or drugs here or there lead to bigger things.

So ask yourself this next time you go to light up or take some pills,

Do you really want to chance this happening to you?

I know if he could he would go back and never do drugs.

I know this cause he tried to get help he tried everything,

But being addicted to drugs is a disease a disease that kills to many

And if you’re thinking WHATEVER and I DON’T CARE picture having to explain this

Explain to your little girl why daddy was so strung out on drugs

he forgot your little sister at home by herself.

Explain to your children why daddy can’t play with the

cause he’s passed out from getting so stoned.

Explain to your 2 year old an 5 year old why daddy can’t see them anymore

And when daddy can see them it only with supervised visits.

Explain to your little nieces why they have to visit you in the mental institution in Augusta,

Cause a judge decided you weren’t fit to be out and about.

Explain to them!

Explain why they have to grow up with out a daddy cause daddy decided to get high one more time.

But you can’t explain it’s already to late cause your dead now!

Now I’m hear to listen to their problem and to help the coop through them.

Now I’m hear to remind them of their Daddy and listen to their memories of you!

So was it really worth it, tell me cause I really want to know?

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