A summer of fun and relaxation ended, almost too abruptly, and my sophomore year started. Entering my homeroom I watched my sophomore year drop onto an old, scribbled desk. Ah, my schedule. A moan soon popped out of my month and I just kept staring at my schedule hoping that it would, somehow, magically change. I made a guidance appointment and, poof, Mr. Tom Mauzy came to the rescue.

Mr. Mauzy is the new guidance counselor this year at Lewiston High School. He comes to us with two years spent at Thompson School at the University of New Hampshire, four years at UNH to receive his Bachelor’s Degree, and then a Master’s Degree from Rivier College. After college, Mr. Mauzy spent about four years as a high school substitute teacher. After those four years, he spent three years as a guidance counselor with children from grades K-3. Now, he is gracing the halls of LHS with pep in his step and a bright smile. I know that I am most certainly lucky to have him here.

Talking to Mr. Mauzy, I realized how strong his love was for kids. My friends and I are constantly complaining about the reputation the teens of Lewiston have but Mr. Mauzy stands behind us. Coming here, he found Lewiston High School to be very rewarding and stated that the town myth is not true. He is very impressed with the student’s attitudes, politeness, and respect. They show him appreciation and even hold open the doors. Mr. Mauzy certainly makes one heck of a good first impression.

This year seemed to be chaotic for the guidance office so I had to ask Mr. Mauzy if he had any interesting stories or memories to share. So, he walked me down memory lane and reminisced on a college tour trip he went on with some students from the sophomore class. Let’s just say that not all got the required 9.25 hours of sleep that night. I applaud Mr. Mauzy for putting up with me and my constantly changing mind and being able to get us all ready for the college process. As he states, “I love working with kids one on one. I get so excited talking about the college process. It is so rewarding to help out students with their futures and careers.” And, I must admit, we are very lucky to have him at our high school. Thank you, once again, Mr. Mauzy.

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