About a month ago, December 3 and 4, the ELHS Drama Club presented the musical “Once Upon A Mattress,” which was an unforgettable performance (directed by Penny Appleby, assistant directed by Deb Bishop and Amy Feeley, music directed by Paul Caron). We realized after, that even though it got down to a very stressful and pressured last two rehearsals, it takes a real family of friends who are young, determined actors to pull off the performance that we did so well. While doing our traditional good luck circle before the show, we contemplated how memorable this year’s musical experience was. For some, it was a spectacular ending to their high school musicals, for others, it was the best way to show what it’s all about. Within the cast, there were members who were highly recognizable. Here is who they are and what they brought to their character that was so sensational (in order from oldest to youngest).

Ryan Delorme – played the role of Trevor the Minstrel, which was a role that fit Ryan perfectly. He filled the role with a beautiful song, while also adding the appropriate attitude his character needed to be sophisticated and charming.

Hannah Giasson – Well known on the stage, Hannah played the role of Lady Rowena. She added humor and her acting experience showed clearly.

Angelika Guy – Made for the role as a demanding, stubborn, talkative queen, Angelika performed the role of Queen Aggravain. She was stellar and played the role perfectly.

Ethan Boardman – Another actor known on the stage, there wasn’t any other role better for Ethan than Chester the Jester. He shared the same personality as his character, and also demonstrated an all around ability to dance, sing, and act….foolish!

Aimee Poulin – Stole the show when she played the Nightingale of Samark, a bird supposed to be putting the princess asleep. No one really could have played it better.

Raechel Biron – Beautiful on the stage, she played the sweet, innocent, pregnant, Lady Larken. Her voice thrilled the audience, and Raechel also shows experience in her acting.

Other featured Seniors: Gretchen Stearns, Toni Demers, Tara Churchill, Liz Savage, and Alicia Malo (in cast). Jeff Labrack, Brett Jordan, Alex Poulin (crew).

Mary Martin – An undoubtedly amazing actress and singer, Mary played the lead role of Princess Winnifred. Adding Carol Burnett to her performance, she was sensational. She is definitely a rising star that you should get used to seeing on the stage.

Chris Keene – Played the role of the mute King very professionally with his pantomime skills. He was really a fun character to watch and highly recognizable.

Markus Schlotterbeck – Played the lead role as Prince Dauntless. He was perfect for the role, and showed a strong ability to sing and act so it fit his character.

Charlie Orne – Made for the stage, Charlie played Sir Harry, emphasizing what natural talent is all about. Funny and just simply GRAND best describes his great performance.

Other featured Juniors: Mike Flynn, Renee Giasson, Tim Cullen, Jesse Lawler, Seth Edwards, Katrina Bachelder (cast). Tiffany Julian, Moneca Landry, Sara Biron.

Featured Sophomores: Lindsey Le, Kevin Koski, Kelly Davis, Breanna Wing, Victoria Tanous, Moriah Churchill, Patrick Blachut, Elize Perkins (cast). Audrey Schwinn, Sophie Schwinn, Rudie Cyr, Colton Jordan, and Kalie Harris.

Featured Freshman: Tyler Kizner, Esther Schlotterbeck, Amanda Manton, Britney Mitchell, Taylor Rousseau, Corey Allen (cast).

Special Message from the writer to the other choreographer: I was very lucky to have choreographed this show with a very special friend of mine, Gretchen Stearns. I really couldn’t have asked for anyone better to have worked with. I will miss you Gretchen next year, and thank you for being the one to share the choreographer duty with me.

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