RUMFORD – The Rumford Public Library has announced new adult books for February as follows:


“Little Fugue,” Robert Anderson; “The Cat Who Went Bananas,” Lilian Jackson Braun; “A Salty Piece of Land,” Jimmy Buffett; “Bloodlines,” Jan Burke; “The Family Tree,” Carole Cadwallader; “Rockville Pike,” Susan Coll; “Eleanor Rigby,” Douglas Coupland.

Also, “Death of a Chancellor,” David Dickinson; “Death of an Ordinary Man,” Glen Duncan; “Pride of Carthage,” David A. Durham; “The Widow’s Tale,” Margaret Frazer; “The Broker,” John Grisham; “Valley of Bones,” Michael Gruber; “War Trash,” Ha Jin; “The Motive,” John Lescroart.

Also, “Mirror Mirror,” Gregory Maguire; “Alice in Jeopardy,” Ed McBain; “Unlucky for Some,” Jill McGown; “Revolution No. 9,” Neil McMahon; “Conviction,” Richard North Patterson; “Dangerous Women,” Otto Penzler; “A Thread of Grace,” Mary Doria Russell; “Dark Fire,” C.J. Sansom.


“The Burning of Rachel Hayes,” Doug Allyn; “Start Late, Finish Rich,” David Bach; “Homeschooling – Take a Deep Breath,You Can Do This,” Terrie Bittner; “The North End Italian Cookbook,” Marguerite D. Buopane.

Also, “A History of Rumford, ME: Second Edition,” Elliot E. Burns; “Postcards from the Brain Museum,” Brian Burrell.

Also, “Downtown: My Manhattan,” Pete Hamil; “Triple H.: Making the Game,” Hunter Helmsley; “The New Bill James Historical Baseball Abstract,” Bill James; “A Dream of Freedom,” Diane McWhorter.

Also, “The Only Menopause Guide You’ll Need,” Michele Moore, MD; “A Brother’s Journey: Surviving a Childhood of Abuse,” Richard Pelzer; “Real Boys’ Voices,” William Pollack; “How to Custom Paint Damn Near Anything,” Cliff Stieglitz.


“Like I Said,” Ani DiFranco; “The Carousel,” Richard Evans; “The Best of John Lee Hooker,” John Lee Hooker; “The Long Walk,” Slavomir Rawicz; “Let It Snow,” Symphonette Society.


“A Beginner’s Guide to Dog Care and Training,” American Kennel Club.


“American Splendor”; “Dracula, Dead and Loving It”; “Horror Classics”; “Live from Las Vegas”; “Rocky Horror Picture Show”; “Shrek 2”; “Spellbound”; “Star Wars Trilogy”; “Triplets of Belleville”; “W.C. Fields Collected Shorts.”

Large print

“A Shifting Caler Wind,” Janet Dailey; “The Greek Villa,” Judith Gould; “The Touch,” Colleen McCullough; “Sea of Glory,” Nathaniel Philbrick; “The Opposite of Fate: A Book of Musings,” Amy Tan.


“Life, Love and the Blues,” Etta James; “Rickie Lee Jones,” Rickie Lee Jones; “Black Angels,” Kronos Quartet; “Mingus Plays Piano,” Charles Mingus; “Nina Simone Anthology,” Nina Simone.


“The Wages of Sin,” Matthew Braun; “Never Say Goodbye,” Nancy Butcher; “A Thirst for Rain,” Roslyn Carrington; “You Belong to Me,” Mary Higgins Clark; “The Cradle Will Fall,” Mary Higgins Clark.

Also, “Peacemaker Pass,” Kit Dalton; “We’ve Got Tonight,” Jacquie D’alessandro; “The Unique Grave,” Peter J. Evans; “Helena Hellion,” Dirk Fletcher.

Also, “The Celtic Riddle,” Lyn Hamilton; “We Can’t Wait: Mary-Kate and Ashley,” Emma Harrison; “Mary-Kate and Ashley Sweet 16: Truth or Dare,” Emma Harrison; “A Fortress of Grey Ice,” J.V. Jones.

Also, “Bad Night at Dry Creek,” Cameron Judd; “A Whirlwind … Makeover,” Nancy Lavo; “Sacred Flesh,” Robin D. Laws; “Lonesome Dove,” Larry McMurtry; “Exquisite,” Joan Overfield; “Who’s Your Daddy?,” Lynda Sandoval; “Frostline,” Justin Scott; “Shadow Realms,” David Thompson.

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