OXFORD – Oxford Elementary School announces its second-quarter honor roll.

Grade four

Honors: Garrett Burns, Nicole Mayhan, Joseph Pike, Michael Robb, Jordyn Sanborn, Elizabeth Bickford, Kayla Colette, Victoria Conrad, Dylan Cox, Hannah Lyon, Brittina Maheux, Jaimee Grenier, Tanner Pike, Marissa Turmenne.

Grade five

High honors: Megan McNelly, Jesse Bell, Jillian Pierce.

Honors: Kyle Ayotte, Ashlyn Drumm, Nick Lacasse, Kacey McAllister, Zach Turmenne, Caleb Archer, Taylor Brown, Austin Chute, Justin D. Cummings, Christopher Dresser, Morgan Hansen, Kiersten Zufelt, Kali Dixon, Nicholas Record, Mikeckney Ward.

Grade six

High honors: Sarah Smith, Micaela Adams, Matt Farnum.

Honors: Mariah Martin, Felicia Record, Alexis Owens, Jessica Bridges, Cady Day, Drewan Wickson, Kristina Grenier, Haleigh Bonney, Ashley Baillie, Kyleigh Collins, Shelby Richardson, Kristina Rogers, Jonathan Cipolloso, Erica Davis, Nick Grass, Sadie Kenney, Kendra McIntosh, Emily Martel, Olivia Record, Sarah Scott, Amanda Smith.

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