It’s a very rare treat when an independent film comes to our local town because the directors of them don’t count on huge highway car crashes or big gun fights to hold the viewers attention. They count on interesting dialogue and real life stories that are happening today, and “Sideways” has just that.

“Sideways” stars the anomalously funny comedic actors Paul Giamatti (“Big Fat Liar,” “Private Parts”) and Thomas Haden Church (“George of The Jungle,” “Rolling Kansas”) and also supporting actors such as Virginia Madsen (“The Rainmaker”) and Sandra Oh (“Under the Tuscan Sun”) who complete this awesome cast of characters which makes this movie great.

“Sideways” starts out with Miles (Gimatti) waking up and getting ready to go meet his womanizing friend Jack (Church) to go on one last bachelor themed week before Jack ties the knot for good. The two get going to upstate California, going on the last big wine tasting trip of their lives. At first the trip is great and everything is going on schedule, but when Jack meets Stephanie (Oh) everything goes awry in Miles’ head because his friend ditched him for a woman. When Jack notices this he brings him along to meet an old friend Mia (Madsen) who is absolutely obsessed with wine like Miles. When Miles realizes that he is starting to like this girl, he remembers the times he had with his wife who divorced him some time back and has to leave.

As Jack keeps up his charade with Stephanie, Miles is getting all depressed about his ex-wife and how she is going to Jack’s wedding with her new husband. Jack feels bad and takes Miles golfing. The two share interesting dialogue about the wedding and how they are going to plan the rest of their week.

Will Jack leave his wife for Stephanie? Or will Miles hook up with Mia? I guess you have to see the movie like I did.

“Sideways” was a very impressive treat to see because I walked into the theater hoping to see all of the Oscar nominated movies for best picture and this is one of them that deserves to win. Its quirky comments about marriage and about what they are going to do next is one of the treats that this movie has. This movie has one of the most interesting and original plots and sometimes makes a character’s dismay humorous. I haven’t seen a lot of independent cinema but I might start because this movie is one of the best.

Over-all grade – A

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