Marcel Morin’s letter, Feb. 26, was one that I just couldn’t let go by. He believes that AARP members don’t really know what the leadership espouses, i.e., socialism, which is very close to communism.

He should remember that, prior to the last election, the president or CEO of AARP supported Mr. Bush, the same Bush Morin chose to be president.

I dropped out of AARP, along with many others, for that reason.

Now I know we have better things to worry about because this country is headed for a major disaster.

Conservatives like to pick on Bill Clinton but, regardless of his private problems, he was still smart enough to keep the country afloat, unlike the way it is now.

It’s rather strange that, for the last seven years of Clinton’s presidency, Republicans tried everything to remove him from office, yet now he is traveling with “papa” Bush. Perhaps there is no one in the current administration who has the relationships with the countries now thinking of whether or not they should be our allies or enemies.

I believe that President Bush wants to destroy everything the Democrats ever accomplished, including Social Security.

I also believe that the Iraq war is only about oil. And why is he stirring up trouble now with Iran and Syria?

Bush says he wants to eliminate all the dictators of the world, but he should look in the mirror, for a start.

Louis Godin, Lewiston