At Monmouth Middle School the cheerleaders prepared for state competition that was held in Bangor on Jan. 22. The girls worked long and hard and were determined to do well, of course and have fun too!! We had good days and bad days, wondering if we were ever going to get through it. Well in the end, we pulled it off.

When competition time came we were all nervous. We were the last to go in our division. We stood there waiting to be called. We did our routine. We did it! We stuck all our stunts and our tumbling rotations, even our dance was great. We were all together. Teamwork had paid off, as we sat there waiting for the results, it seemed like a long time. When we heard our name called, what an exciting feeling we all had..

We took first place out of nine in our division. Congratulations to all the teams that competed. Congratulations to my team and to my coaches. What a great cheering season.

Cheerleaders were: Kourtney Francouer, Kristi Hilton Alison Murphy, Sarah Perron, Megan Record, Sierra Skinner, Brittany Ridlon. Tierra Sanford, Abby Szotkowski, Kelsi Stevens, Stephanie Chick, Shannon Fields, Kristen Freeman, Shannon Perron, Brianna Smith, Samantha Stufflebeam and Chelsea Webber-Wing. Our coaches were Angela Berube, pat Murphy and Colette Robbins.

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