In the next few months at Edward Little High School, the drama club will be putting on 6 shows for you to enjoy. The first will be the One Act show, this year entitled “Our Rotten Town.” Debbie Bishop directs the show and the assistant director is Ethan Boardman (senior). This show will be performed not only for the public on March 10 at 8 pm in the AMS auditorium, but will be done in front of judges and other schools in Maine in a competition.

“Our Rotten Town” is a show set in the 20th century in a small town where the characters are from Shakespearean plays. They fight, love and lose each other. But they have a chance to comfort one another in the afterlife, where they are seated to stare at the stars. It is a dramatic comedy that is sure to interest not only Shakespeare fans, but also all who are looking for a good laugh.

After the dramatic One Act play, Aimee Poulin and Alex Judd (both seniors) are going to be directing this year’s Freshmen Show, which is going to make you think twice about meatballs.

“Who Poisoned His Meatball?” is a fast-paced crime comedy that is about Nero Sharpe, a very rich man who practically owns half of the town he lives in. One day, he eats at Luigi’s Italian Restaurant and mysteriously dies. Now, all the possible beneficiaries, cooks, waiters, and grudge holders are up for prosecution. So, on March 15 at 7 pm in the Fairview auditorium, come find out exactly who poisoned his meatball.

Next on the list is the “Straight Show,” a non-musical play, which will be directed by Gretchen Stearns and Ryan Delorme (both seniors) on April 1-2 at 8 pm in the Great Falls Theater (CLT). This year, the two seniors selected a murder mystery much like the famous movie “CLUE,” called “Three Murders and it’s only Monday!” Oh, and this show has so many one liners, that you’ll just die!

The smart aleck of a detective, known as Harry Monday investigates the death of the owner of a sanitarium and while he’s there, the others involved start getting knocked off one by one until the only one left is the murderer. So come and see if you can help Harry Monday solve the mystery.

Now, because the EL Drama Club believes in letting students express themselves and exhibit their talents, Mrs. Penny Appleby directs a show where students may sign up to do any type of appropriate performance for an audience: “The Variety Show.” They may show off their talents, skills, hobbies, or whatever! This year the date is just a week after the “straight show.” The Drama Club just loves to keep the entertainment going, and going, and going. On April 7-8 at 7:30 in the Great Falls Theater (CLT), come and let the many ELHS students involved show you their skills.

Lastly, “The Senior Show,” directed by Amey Feely, will be performed May 6 and 7 at 7:30 at the Great Falls Theater (CLT). In addition, “The Children’s Play,” for the Auburn elementary students, directed by juniors Chris Keene and Markus Schlotterbeck, will be performed during the second week of June, in the EL Amphitheater. The directors of these shows have not yet chosen plays, but when they do, we will be sure to not only tell, but show and tell you.

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