WILTON – Bowling results from the Tuesday Winter Mixed League as of Feb. 22 games:


High game scratch: Larry Duval 246, Bob Eaton 237, Ron Adams 234.

High series scratch: Larry Burke 673, Larry Duval 639, Ron Adams 615.

High game handicap: John Wilbur 283, Larry Burke 280, Larry Duval 275.

High series handicap: Larry Burke 775, Paul Smith 745, Larry Duval 726.


High game scratch: Jillian Perry 173, Muriel Lisherness 172, Cathy Walton 162.

High series scratch: Muriel Lisherness 474, Jillian Perry 462, Gale Beaulieu 431.

High game handicap: Jillian Perry 241, Muriel Lisherness 233, Cathy Walton 216.

High series handicap: Jillian Perry 666, Muriel Lisherness 657, Sarah Makinen 623.

Bowling results from Saturday Juniors as of Feb. 26 games:


High game scratch: Chris Knight 220, Billy Fitzgerald 169, Andrew Cummings 152.

High series scratch: Chris Knight 635, Billy Fitzgerald 433, Andrew Cummings 386.

High game handicap: Paul Hinkley 257, Billy Fitzgerald 253, Robert Neuschwanger 247.

High series handicap: Robert Neuschwanger 707, Billy Fitzgerald 685, Rowan Fitzgerald 680.


High game scratch: Bethanie Archer 177, Jessica Archer 157, Mariah Barden 144.

High series scratch: Bethanie Archer 496, Jessica Archer 460, Mariah Barden 366.

High game handicap: Mariah Barden 235, Kendra Peart 230, Brittany Edes 211.

High series handicap: Kendra Peart 686, Mariah Barden 639, Jessica Archer 607.

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