A certain well known business man, living not far from Lewiston, has no sympathy with the plea made by men who “cannot get work,” for the first of the winter he had his plans all made to cut three or four hundred cords of wood, but as a matter of fact, has only cut sixty cords and as a result his trees will remain standing until next fall when he will try again to get choppers. He got a few men to work for a dollar a cord when they could go home nights but could not get those same men to live in a camp for $1.25 a cord.

50 Years Ago, 1955

A beaming sun, hidden practically all-day yesterday by an overcast sky, peeked down on the Twin Cities long enough in the afternoon to send the mercury zooming to a warm 41.

The old S.D. Warren Company dam on Little Sebago Lake built in the last century, is being reconstructed to conserve lake waters, by the Sebago Lake Association, a group of cottagers on the chain of three lakes. Cost for the new dam was around $4,000. For many years since the Warren mills abandoned use of the dam, the lakes have been drained by natural flowage in normal weather, and badly eroded by each Spring flood season.

25 Years ago, 1980

A federal regulation requiring the Lewiston Department of Education to install an elevator in the Junior High School by June 4 is being ignored by Lewiston officials, and at least one state official said the lack of action could jeopardize federal funds to the city. Under the federal law, passed in 1973 as the federal Rehabilitation Act and issued in 1977, all recipients of funds from the federal Department of Housing, Education and Welfare (HEW) must serve the handicapped by providing them with access into and throughout the buildings. The deadline for necessary changes is June 4.

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