The hyena is famous for its weird howl that resembles a hysterical human laugh. The hyena hunts animals for food. They eat remains of the dead animals they find. The hyenas have a powerful jaw and strong teeth that come in handy to crush and even eat large bones. The female hyena is more dominant and bigger than the male hyena.

There are different types of hyenas. There is a Brown Hyena. There is a Striped Hyena. There is even a Spotted Hyena. The Spotted Hyena has yellowish gray fur with black spots. They are located in Africa, south of the Sahara. The Striped Hyena has gray fur with narrow black stripes across the body and legs. Their body is smaller than the Spotted Hyena. They are located between Turkey and India and also live in northern Africa. The Brown Hyena has blackish gray fur and stripes only on its legs. They also have long hair grow from their back. They are located in southern Africa. This species of hyenas is mostly only found in national parks and game reserves now because farmers that have accused hyenas of eating their livestock, have shot or poisoned them.

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