Brown tail moth nests are not being brought into the Auburn city marshal’s office in such large numbers as they were a few days ago. There has been quite a falling off in the past week and the indications are that a large part of the nests have been found. “How many nests have been destroyed so far?” was asked Marshal Rowe Sunday. Looking on his books the marshal found that there had been just 425 which means that the city, paying at the rate of five cents a nest, has paid out $21.25. “If Auburn has got rid of the pest for only $21.25, and I hope she has, the city is getting out of it pretty cheap,” said a gentleman present.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Climbing to a pleasant 66 degrees early yesterday afternoon, an energetic mercury set a new warm mark for 1955 shortly after record crowds thronged Lewiston-Auburn churches for traditional Easter services. The year’s previous high temperature, 58, was written into the weather book last Wednesday.

Major league baseball opens today with games at Washington, and Cincinnati, Ohio, and a full slate is scheduled for tomorrow. The Sun again has made arrangements to bring its readers its customary full coverage, complete with box scores. Many of the night games are played in other time zones so that the results are not received until after midnight. No other Maine newspaper offers a more complete baseball service to its readers.

25 Years Ago, 1980

In an unusual turn of events, a firetruck caused 18 spot fires in Auburn Wednesday afternoon. According to Fire Chief Clifton Smith, a faulty emergency brake on Aerial 2 sparked the blaze. Smith said the driver of the firetruck was unaware of the brake’s malfunction until he returned to the station and smelled something hot. In the meantime, beginning at 1:09 p.m. the Twin Cities Emergency number 9-1-1 was flooded with calls of fires in the area.

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