What was yesterday the handsome and valuable residence of Dr. M. C. Wedgewood, located at the corner of Pine and Pierce streets, Lewiston, is this morning a mass of ruins. It was one of the most obstinate fires and with great difficulty the flames were confined to the Wedgewood house.

Dr. Wedgewood built the house 25 years ago. It was one of the largest and finest residences in the two cities. It was three stories high with mansard roof and side tower. The doctor stated last evening that he valued the house at $20,000 and his furniture at $10,000. Dr. Wedgewood also owned one of the finest libraries in the city, which he values at $2,000.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Washington – President Eisenhower, in an international gesture of good will, decided today to send latest information on the Salk polio preventive to nations around the globe, including Russia and other Red countries. Secretary of State Dulle announced tonight he will do this at the President’s direction. Dulles said he also will consult with other government officials to see how far the United States can go in making the vaccine itself available for export.v

25 Years Ago, 1980

A phantom law – habitually obeyed by Maine drivers from Kittery to Fort Kent – could be saving the state thousands of dollars a year. Because residents are so intent on obeying a law which doesn’t exist, it isn’t necessary for the state to come to grips with its phantom line law. Why Maine residents are fearful of breaking the phantom law still remains a mystery. The fear cannot be a carry-over from Model T days since there has never been a line law in the history of Maine. State police speculate that drivers aren’t passing on double or single yellow lines because it’s common sense not to. They also suggest that double-line laws in other states may have helped to spread the idea that Maine has such a law.

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