A Lewiston man believes that the proper authorities should get to work filling up the holes in the sidewalks made by the boys during the marble season. He says that there are some holes near his house which are so large that they are a danger to people walking along in the dark. “Something should be done to stop the boys from damaging the sidewalks so much each spring,” he says.

Beef has steadily been advancing in price for the past few weeks and now one is obliged to pay about twenty per cent more than a short time ago. People, however, learned when the price was so high a short time ago that they could get along without beef and it is understood that ever since then that the consumption has not been so large.

50 Years Ago, 1955

The Bath Iron Works Corp., builders of naval destroyers, reported to stockholders today that it was in strong financial position with a backlog of orders totaling more than 75 million dollars at the start of 1955.

Americans should be working a standard week of 35 hours and getting at least $1.25 an hour for it, George Meany, president of the American Federation of Labor, said today. The Eisenhower administration has asked Congress to raise the minimum wage from 75 cents an hour to 90 cents but has not recommended any cut in the 40-hour work week.

25 Years Ago, 1980

The Lisbon Jaycee Women have received National Citation from the United States Jaycettes for their program on public remembrance for the hostages in Iran. The Yellow Ribbon project represents community involvement where citizens are encouraged to tie a yellow ribbon around their trees, mailboxes, car antennas, etc., as a constant reminder to others of the plight of the hostages. Also concerned citizens can be found sporting small pieces of yellow ribbons and yellow bows attached to their clothing.

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