Lisbon Falls – While trying to locate a well in one of the “sinks” or small depressions of ground in this district, Mr. Plummer found, eight feet below the surface, some bones and amongst these bones was a perfectly formed tooth which was apparently broken off from the top of the upper jaw of some huge animal. It was, by actual measurement, 4½ inches long and 3½ inches across and the enamel was in a perfect state of preservation.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Stockholders of the Wilton Woolen Co., once one of the most flourishing manufacturing concerns in this section, will be asked to consider liquidation at a meeting, May 2, in Detroit, Mich., it was announced Thursday. For approximately a decade until the end of the Korean conflict, the plant operated at capacity on a three-shift basis five days a week and at times six or seven days a week. At its peak, 800 persons were employed. At present, the mill has 200 at work, few of them on a full-time basis.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Patrons sitting around drinking beers at the Knotty Pine Grill on Canal Street in Lewiston are being subjected to loud noises, shouting construction workers and rumbling dump trucks being loaded up with debris. Since September the watering hole for local blue collar workers have been dirtied by cinders, smoke, dust and other materials blown onto it from a nearby construction project. Or so claims bar owner Pauline Landry, whose attorney filed suit in Androscoggin County Superior Court Wednesday afternoon. Ms. Landry seeks damages totaling $25,000.

A large, live turkey was discovered on the White House lawn Tuesday and quickly became the subject of high-level humor. “We call him Reagan,” quipped Vice President Walter F. Mondale shortly after the big bird was spotted roosting in a linden tree on the front lawn of the executive mansion. A chef came out to study the situation but took no immediate action.

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