“Once upon a time” is one of the most powerful and endearing words used when telling a story, especially a fairy tale. Everyone of us, big and small, the young and the young at heart, are familiar with most, if not all the characters found in Sondheim’ “Into the Woods”.

Have you ever wondered what happened ‘after’ happily ever after? Come to the show and find out. You will enjoy new and old faces in this multi-talented cast. We have the always entertaining Michael DeFiore filling the role of the Narrator, telling us the story as it unfolds, including all the twists and surprises. The Baker (Adam Blais) and his wife (Katie St. Pierre), a loving couple in desperate search of items to remove a curse set upon them by a neighboring Witch (Cara Pavlak) which has left them unable to conceive a child.

The two run into many other characters throughout their search, including Jack (Michael Girouard) who is being forced to sell his precious cow, Milkey White, by his Mother (Stephanie Matthews), Little Red Riding Hood (Carolyn Tardif) and her spunky Granny

(Charlotte Oswald), Cinderella (Bridget Duval), her Prince (Andrew Snowman), and the princes Steward (Jonathan Kuhl), and Rapunzel (Renee Bissonnette) and her Prince (Kyle Levasseur). We also meet up with Cinderella’s Stepmother (Sarah St. Amour), her father (Josh Oliver) and her evil Stepsisters (Carla Henault and Deidre LaCouture) who will keep you rolling in the aisle with their peculiar humor, and Cinderella’s Dead mother (Emily Slonina) whom she still goes to for guidance. There are a few other characters you will see and here throughout the forest, including the Female Giant and Snow White (both Emily Slonina) and Sleeping Beauty (Audrey Ouellette).This is a show full of endearing moments, wishes both fulfilled and dashed, and hope.

The St Dominic RHS Drama society is set to perform Stephen Sondheim unforgettable musical, “Into the Woods”, May 5 – 7th. Thursday’s production is at 7 pm, and both Friday and Saturday will take place at 8 pm. The show is being performed at the school, 121 Gracelawn Road in Auburn, and tickets are priced at $8.00 for adults and $5.00 for students/seniors. You can reserve tickets by calling the school at 782-6911.

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