After watching a televised Lisbon School Committee meeting, I am disappointed to learn that the school committee does not know what the objectives of the Advisory Board are.

A motion was made to reduce the secondary budget by $50,000. I do not believe that a $50,000 reduction to the proposed budget will be detrimental to this budget or the children in this community. I’d like to explain my reasoning.

Estimates of damage at the P.W. Sugg Middle School are approximately $250,000. These funds will be reimbursed by the insurance company, but in the meantime will be paid from the ongoing budget. Does this mean that there is $250,000 “fat” in this school budget? If this is the case, a $50,000 reduction can be made without affecting the education of the students.

According to the audit for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2004, the general fund increased by $199,023, $193,776 directly coming from the school department. The report went on to explain where these monies came from. “Overlay (taxes raised in excess of needs) amounted to $235,002.” These figures make it apparent that both the municipal and school budgets are exaggerated.

When a family experiences increases in expenses without an increase in income, they look at where reductions can be made in their personal budget, without affecting the necessities. It’s time our local elected officials do the same.

Trudy Duval, Lisbon