LEWISTON – The following divorces were granted recently in Maine 8th District Court.

Jasen W. Erickson of Poland and Emily D. Erickson of Minot, married Feb. 18, 1994 in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Roger A. Campbell of Livermore and Delores J. Campbell of Livermore, married April 20, 1991 in Leeds.

Willie J. Brown Jr. of Auburn and Brea D. Brown of Minot, married May 24, 1992 in Auburn, custody of four children to be shared.

Chad D. Federico of Poland and Jennifer A. Federico of Auburn, married Dec. 20, 1997 in Poland, custody of one child to be shared.

Lloyd Brown of Lewiston and Michelle Brown of Sumner, married Oct. 12, 2002 in Greene.

Stephen Temm of Gorham and Courtney Temm of Auburn, married, Oct. 25, 2003 in Lewiston.

George Field of Auburn and Robin Field of Mechanic Falls, married June 7, 1986 in Auburn, custody of four children to be shared.

Marc E. Leclair of Lewiston and Laura L. Leclair of Portland, married Aug. 10, 2000 in Lewiston.

Robert M. Ouellette of Greene and Jacqueline M. Ouellette of Greene, married Oct. 5, 1963 in Auburn.

James Span of Lewiston and Sabrina Span of Lewiston, married July 2, 1999 in Auburn.

Raymond R. Killam of Benton and Sheryl L. Killam of Lisbon, married May 28, 2004 in Lisbon.

Francis P. Lasky Jr. of Readfield and Catherine D. Lasky of Livermore Falls, married Aug. 28, 2004 in Readfield.

Damon A. Ferrell of Lisbon and Samantha T. Brown of Lewiston, married May 7, 2001 in Bath.

Michael Kirk of Auburn and Kimberly Kirk of Lewiston, married Oct. 18, 1997 in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Dale J. Crafts of Lisbon Falls and Susan V. Krafts of Lisbon Falls, married Jan. 27, 1987 in Durham, custody of five children to be shared.

Marcel R. Cote of Lewiston and Cheryl A. Cote of Lewiston, married Oct. 4, 1986 in Lewiston.

Walter W. Johnson of Durham and Laura G. Johnson of Durham, married April 1, 1988 in Durham, custody of two children to be shared.

Thomas Tempesta of Auburn and Deborah Tempesta of Auburn, married March 24, 1990 in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Vaughn Sawyer of Lewiston and Jamie Sawyer of Auburn, married June 14, 1998 in Lewiston, custody of one child to be shared.

Del A. Lathom of Sabattus and Dianne C. Lathom of Farmingdale, married Sept. 25, 1995 in Sabattus.

Lawrence W. Garland of Freeport and Cheryl A. Garland of Durham, married June 1, 2001 in Durham.

Denis H. Blodget of Brooksville and Linda L. Blodgett of Lewiston, married March 26, 1999 in New Gloucester.

Tim Whitmore of Turner and Laurie Anne Whitmore of Turner, married June 15, 1985 in Auburn, custody of one child to be shared.

Christian A. Pessini of Lisbon Falls and Brigid K. Trainor of Lisbon Falls, married Aug. 26, 2004 in Lisbon.

Rockwell A. Wells of Lewiston and Mary J. Wells of Lewiston, married March 15, 2003 in Lewiston.

Michael S. Hilton of Lewiston an Pamela J. Hilton of Lewiston, married Dec. 13, 1986 in Waukesha, Wis., custody of three children to be shared.

John A. Smith of Lewiston and Renee L. Smith of Auburn, married Dec. 4, 1999 in Lewiston.

Leo E. Rodrigue of Auburn and Deborah J. Rodrigue of Turner, married April 6, 1990 in Mechanic Falls.

Peter Goding of Danville and Jodey Goding of Poland, married June 24, 2000 in Lewiston.

Benjamin J. Chasse Sr. of Lewiston and Angela L. Chasse of Lewiston, Aug. 12, 2000 in Lewiston, custody of two children to be shared.

Dennis A. Kermeen of Lewiston and Sheila M. Lamountage-Kermeen of Auburn, married July 21, 2001 in Springvale.

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