The many disadvantages of the glass milk bottle, as now almost universally employed, are well known. One of the most serious is the difficulty in securing proper cleansing before it is refilled, with the accompanying possibility of spreading infection. Recent investigations by Dr. A. H. Stewart of the bacteriologic department, Philadelphia bureau of health, indicates that at last a very acceptable container has been found in what he designates as a single-service paper milk bottle. An important feature of the bottle is its saturation with paraffin by being dipped in that substance at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and then baked.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Rumford – A 10-year-old boy was rescued today from a 35-foot-deep pool he fell into while playing. Bill Therrien, driving a truck along Railroad St., dived in and brought James Bernier to safety after a playmate of the lad rushed to the roadside to signal motorists for help. Therrien and the firemen revived the child.

Sampson’s – shop Lewiston’s busiest store. Sugar cured shoulders, 29 cents/lb.; frying chickens, 39 cents/lb.; franks, 25 cents/lb.; bacon, 39 cents/lb.; ice cream, 75 cents/half gallon; bread, full pound loaf/10 cents.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Farmington – The story of how one coffee tree supplied the New World with coffee is interesting to read. The one coffee tree being grown in Franklin County is not expected to provide such a tale of abundant supply. Nevertheless, it is an interesting tale and who is to say Hatie Hardison will not in time become so skilled in raising coffee trees that she may raise coffee beans sufficient to supply her own household. The tree is now three years old, started blooming this spring and now there are many coffee beans in evidence.

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