WILTON – Team standings in the Incredible Seniors Bowling League as of April 28 at Meadow Lanes: Cardinals 163,109; Hawks 158,114; Swallows 156,116; Starlings 148,124; Robins 148,124; Wrens 147,125; Doves 142,130; Sparrows 134,138; Crows 132,140; Owls 130,142; Eagles 130,142; Orioles 130, 142; Blue Jays 128,144; Chickadees 118,154; Blue Birds 109,163; Flickers 103,169.

High series

Women: Marianne Plante 563, Pearl Steward 526, Katharine Wattles 518, Betty Williams 496, Ann Sullivan 490, Sherrill Rollins 484, Sharon Jacques 470, Sally Rowe 466.

Men: William Frazer 614, Larry Duval 597, Cliff Harris 587, Dick Fogg 573, William Jordan 563, Wesley Lane 558, Brian Rowe 544, Ernest Steward Sr. 543.

High game

Women: Katharine Wattles 223, Marianne Plante 209, 184, Sherrill Rollins 203, Sally Rowe 198, Betty Williams 189, Pearl Steward 187, Eunice Shurtleff 180.

Men: William Frazer 233,201; Larry Duval 226, Brian Rowe 222, Cliff Harris 215, William Jordan 215, Dick Fogg 210, Wesley Lane 202.

Final team standings in the Friday Night Live League for the season: 1st, Time Bomb Bowlers; 2nd, Bowling Buddies; 3rd and 4th place tie, The Welders and Castaways; 5th Wanna Bee’s; 6th, Mountaineers; 7th, Easy Riders; 8th and 9th place tie, The Last Hurrahs and Hi-Lo’s; 10th, Looney Tunes; 11th, 12th, 13th place: Over the Hill, Nutt’s and Bolts, Winter Wonders; 14th, Whats Our Name, 15th, GhostRiders; 16th, Screwballs.

Team high series handicap: 1st, Wanna Bee’s 2974, 2nd, The Welders 2922.

Team high series scratch: 1st, Bowling Buddies 2387, 2nd, Castaways 2321.

High series scratch

Men: 1st, Bruce Tilton 683, 2nd, Dan Seeley 674, Mac Haynes 652.

Women: 1st, Trisha Davis 584, 2nd, Eunice Shurtleff 546, 3rd, Diane Porter 541.

High game handicap

Men: 1st, Dick Shurtleff 334; 2nd, Arlo White 310; 3rd, Norm Blodgett 304.

Women: 1st, Linda Collins 300, 2nd, Heather Biedinger 297, 3rd place tie: Lee Farrell 291 and Tiffany Stevens 291.

High game scratch

Men: 1st, Mike Collins 279, 2nd, Bob Eaton 259, 3rd, Pete Tilton 259.

Women: 1st, Andrea Mooar 240, 2nd, Fran Viles 220, 3rd, Carol Ross 212.

Most improved

Man: Tim Libby; Woman: Heather Biedinger.


High series handicap

Man: Craig Badeau 831; Woman: Jillian Perry, 781.

High game handicap

Man: Ron Bell and Ernie Steward 287; Woman: Jamie Tilton 288.

Team high game handicap

1st, Easy Riders 1037; 2nd, Screwballs 1032.

Team high game scratch

1st, Hi-Lo’s 811; 2nd, Mountaineers 778.

Individual prizes


High average: 1st, Bob Nile 202.91; 2nd, John Archer 200.87; 3rd, Dan Porter 198.68.


High average: 1st, Debbie Seeley 167.67; 2nd, Cheryl Tilton 165.31; 3rd, Ruth Archer 163.66.

High series handicap

Men: 1st, Tim Libby 820; 2nd, Scott Stevens 805; 3rd, Don Gossom 798.

Women: 1st, Connie Johnson 787; 2nd, Brinda Eaton 786; 3rd, Carolyn Payeur 785.

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