On Mon., May 9, the Edward Little High School Drama club held its annual drama banquet at The Ground Round. Both sad and happy to attend, we said good-bye and good luck to seniors this year going off to college and also acknowledged those who have been outstanding actors or members of drama. The following awards were given to given these recipients based on the number of points earned throughout the year (which is determined by how much the member has contributed to the Drama club):

Pins (35 points): Kevin Koski, Chase Phillips, Seth Edwards, Angelika Guy, Brett Jordan, Aimee Poulin.

Letter (45 points): Chase Phillips, Markus Schlotterbeck, Tara Churchill.

Thespian (for achieved seniors): Raechel Biron, Ryan Delorme, and Hannah Giasson.

Super Thespian (up and above every expectation): Jeff Labrack.

Students were also inducted as International Thespians. These actors and tech-crew are selected by their contributions to Drama:

Already Members: Jeff Labrack and Hannah Giasson.

New: Raechel Biron, Tara Churchill, Ryan Delorme, Angelika Guy, Brett Jordan, Aimee Poulin, Gretchen Stearns, Markus Schlotterbeck and Chase Phillips.

Another set of awards given out every year at the banquets are the Oscars, for those far above outstanding:

Senior Actor: Raechel Biron and Hannah Giasson

Senior Choreographer: Gretchen Stearns

Senior Tech Wizard: Brett Jordan

Philemon (always a willing helper): Tara Churchill

Apollo (an awesome blast out of nowhere): Aimee Poulin

Elections for next year’s Drama officers were also held. The 2005-2006 Drama Club Officers: President, Markus Schlotterbeck; VP President, Mary Martin; Secretary, Megan Deveau; Treasurer, Sara Biron; Historian, Kalie Harris; VP of Publicity, Kevin Koski; Publicity Committee, Mike Flynn, Casey Paige, and Lindsey Le.

First comment made by the President: “The Hobbit is going to be a great show, and it has been lots of fun to direct with Chris. I am also honored to be elected president of the Drama club.”

Congrats to everyone! Also, this year’s senior show “The Worst High School Play Ever,” directed by Mrs. Amey Feeley, was performed on May 6-7 at CLT. News spread around the school that it was perhaps one of the funniest shows yet. Soon to come, the ELHS children’s play “The Hobbit” directed by juniors Markus Schlotterbeck and Chris Keene. The show will be performed in the ELHS Amphitheatre, and all elementary schools interested in viewing this show, please contact Penny Appleby at ELHS.

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