Falling great distances, always landing feet first

Enticingly lying curled up, fast asleep

Licking her fur, with the inevitable consequence of hairballs

Illicitly jumping on the counter when you aren’t looking

Staring through the window at the cat outside you cannot see.

Dining on your favorite fern, then coughing it up for you to clean

Opening her mouth for a yawn so wide it leaves you speechless

Meowing late into the night, keeping you awake

Entering the house with mud on her paws, tracking up the floor

Sticking her haunch in your face when you try to pet her

Tiptoeing along a fence, trying to nab a sleeping bird

Innocently staring while you ridicule her

Climbing a tree, and getting stuck up there

Under the bed, hiding out of sight

Scratching at the door, begging to be let inside.

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