Outside, I seem happy,

Carefree and so cheery.

But inside I am trapped,

Dismayed and quite dreary.

I am a caged animal,

Without any freewill.

The things others can do,

To do it, I would kill,

With each bitter day,

The shackles grow more.

My master whips at me,

Oh! It is so sore.

The burden I cannot stand!

It aches to exist!

The shackles grow more!

Upon my poor wrist!

I cannot get out!

I am bound by my strings!

I scream in great pain!

For my soul greatly stings!

Nowhere to go!

Only darkness around.

Nobody to talk to,

Not even a sound.

My master laughs with evil.

It strikes my soul with fear!

He whips me with his chains.

Ail in my eye-a tear.

But little does he know,

I will get revenge.

My soul torn and battered

For it, I shall avenge…

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