SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County recently.

King Lan and Susan Chow to King Lan and Susan and William Chow, in Dixfield.

Wehab Properties Inc. and William R. DeMille to Leonard and Tammy Grover, in Otisfield.

Wayne L. and Jeannette A. Wright to Thomas and Florence L. Silvestro, in Otisfield.

Wayne L. and Jeannette A. Wright to Thomas Silvestro, in Otisfield.

Donnamarie Timm to Allen D. Corey and Paul G. Thornfeldt, in Norway.

Cynthia L. Slater to Three K. Realty LLC, in Newry.

Elizabeth M. Gilbert to Randy L. and Ronald L. Gilbert, in Bethel.

A and B Forestry to Lee J. and Donna M. Hamann, in Rumford.

James A. Barnett and Don Hamann to Upton Services LLC, in Rumford.

Kristen K. Landess and Francis A. Prunier to Francis A. Prunier, in Greenwood.

Keith H. and Norma L. Hodsdon to Jeffrey B. Erickson and Maureen T. Libby, in Bethel and Township.

Timothy A. Schultz to Catherine J. Heppner, in Bethel.

Nikki L. Lyden and Nikki L. Paterson Brochu to Barry Hallett Jr. and Rumford Falls Realty Trust, in Rumford.

Robin C. and Marcia D. Buswell and Robin C. Buswell Sr. to Russell C. Buswell Jr., in Buckfield.

Robin C. and Marcia R. Buswell to Robin C. Buswell Jr., in Hartford.

Inforonics Inc. to Mallory Holdings Group Inc., in Newry.

Mallory Holdings Group Inc. to Mallory Ventures Inc., in Newry.

Mallory Ventures Inc. to George Charles and Linda A. Mallinson, in Newry.

John W. Meserve to Thomas M. Moriarty and Kathleen Johnson, in Greenwood.

Oxford Development Corp. to Norway Savings Bank, in Oxford.

Dennis P. Creaser to Dennis P. and Juliya Creaser, in Paris.

Stanwood Horne to Mark and Tammy Walsh Brown, in Dixfield.

John A. Sharratt to Ryan G. Harvey, in Hartford.

Antoine M. and Kristie L. Louvat and Kristie L. Shaw to Patricia S. Stuart and James J. Salvatore, in Oxford.

Margaret E. Ring to Mahoosuc Land Trust, in Greenwood.

Robert S. and Patricia N. Hunt to Maureen C. Reynolds, in Bethel.

Three M. Builders Inc. to Raymond G. Martel, in Newry.

Milton E. and Christopher M. Mills to Nathan H. Mills, in Greenwood.

Stephanie S. Bacon to Russell D. and Paula B. Howard, in Bethel.

River View Timeshare Trust to Francis James Gramlich Jr. and Diane Leticia Gramlich, Timothy W. and Suzanne F. Madden, Kenneth E. Wanda M. Thomas, John G. and Laurel J. B. Dube, Thomas A. Martha K. Whittington, Craig M. and Karen M. Carl, all in Bethel.

Owen J. Brown and Leroy A. Brown and Seth A. Foster and Aaron R. Foster to Nancy Vargiu, in Bethel.

Nancy F. Vargui and Nancy F. Vargiu to Nancy F. and Quinto Vargiu, in Bethel.

Helen S. Jackson to Kelley L. Groves and Anthony S. Bonang, in Oxford.

Bertram L. Jamison to Mark J. and Marie R. Cote, in Mexico and Rumford.

Nancy Vargiu and Aaron R. Foster and Leroy A. Brown and Seth A. Foster to Owen J. Brown, in Bethel.

Owen J. Brown to Owen J. Brown and Debra A. Brown, in Bethel.

John A. Kimball to Dana D. and Darlene D. Morse, in Albany Township.

Glen W. and Jacqueline M. Young to Lucien R. and Patricia Robitaille, in Paris.

Richard Leeber to Joseph P. Leeber, in Rumford.

SR Golf Holdings LLC to Joshua Bernstein, in Newry.

Clarence L. and Dorothy B. Allen to Clarence L. Allen Jr., in Oxford.

Arnold G. Peterson to Jerry A. Brunnett, in Greenwood.

Carrie Campbell Daggett and Carrie M. Campbell to Richard Garrity, in Mexico.

Marshall W. Douglass Jr. to Fernand Boucher II and Steven Campbell Jr., in Buckfield.

Lloyd L. Poland to RC Johnson and Son Inc., in Woodstock.

Alfreda Zale and Alfreda McKenna to James A. and Kathleen M. Bennett, in Rumford.

Michael J. Myers to Michael J. and Doreen Lee Myers, in Waterford.

Tina M. Allen to John A. Allen, in Canton.

Verrill Group Inc. Pension Tr. to Jeffrey White, in Otisfield.

Estate of Jeanette S. Brown and Peter H. Brown to Helen DeHahn, in Paris.

Alice M. Lorenzotti to Peggy S. Fong, in Bethel.

Peter Williams to Peter and Jennifer L. Williams, in Otisfield.

Gerald J. and Jane H. Poulin to Julie C. Park, in Greenwood.

Farwell Mountain Estates Inc. to Henry Messier, in Bethel.

Arthur I. Reynolds to Ronald D. Fitts, in Oxford.

Robert P. and Gary Bahre to Thomas and Kristin D. Linindoll, in Hebron.

Jane B. Nurnberg to Robin D. Field, in Paris.

Marion S. Littlefield to Christopher L. Gordon, in Paris.

Phillip A. Clifford to Bertha Clifford, in Rumford.

Lois A. Pressey and Dennis A. Pressey to Dennis A. Pressey, in Oxford.

Judith A. Frank to Matthew E. Frank, in Dixfield.

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