Do you want to ask voters in referendum if they want to repeal Maine’s term limits law? (Current law limits legislators to no more than 8 consecutive years.)

How area lawmakers voted Wednesday:
House vote
YES 85

NO 60


How local members voted:

Robert R. Berube, R-Lisbon, no

Joan Bryant-Deschenes, R-Turner, absent

Richard Cebra, R-Naples, no

Margaret M. Craven, D-Lewiston, yes

Philip A. Cressey Jr., R-Baldwin, no

Charles E. Crosby III, D-Topsham, absent

Patrick Flood, R-Winthrop, no

James M. Hamper, R-Oxford, no

Bruce Q. Hanley, R-Paris, no

Randy Hotham, R-Dixfield, yes

Deborah Hutton, D-Bowdoinham, yes

Rodney C. Jennings, D-Leeds, yes

Arlan R. Jodrey, R-Bethel, yes

Scott Lansley, R-Sabattus, no

Elaine Makas, D-Lewiston, no

H. Sawin Millett Jr., R-Waterford, no

Janet Mills, D-Farmington, no

Lillian L. O’Brien, D-Lewiston, yes

John L. Patrick, D-Rumford, yes

Deborah Pelletier-Simpson, D-Auburn, yes

Raymond Pineau, D-Jay, yes

Sonya Sampson, D-Auburn, yes

Thomas B. Saviello, D-Wilton, no

Thomas F. Shields, R-Auburn, no

Nancy E. Smith, D-Monmouth, no

Richard M. Sykes, R-Harrison, yes

Michael A. Vaughan, R-Durham, no

William R. Walcott, D-Lewiston, no


Yes, 21; no, 14; absent, 0

How local members voted:

Bruce Bryant, D-Dixfield, yes

David Hastings III, R-Fryeburg, no

Peter Mills, R-Skowhegan, no

John Nutting, D-Leeds, yes

Margaret Rotundo, D-Lewiston, yes

Lois Snowe-Mello, R-Poland, no

Chandler Woodcock, R-Farmington, yes

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