Jerry and William Murray, the makers of the Murray spoons, both of Auburn, have returned from a short fishing trip up at Lake Cobbosseecontee. They were successful, getting four good sized trout and three salmon. They used the Murray spoons which are fast becoming famous.

Blackberries are now in the local markets, the first lot being received by the dealers yesterday. They are selling at 13c per box.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Cumberland County Atty, Frederic S. Sturgis today called for enactment of regulations on pinball machines whose abuse, he said, breeds juvenile delinquency. Sturgis said in a statement that county and Portland police have advised him that parents are complaining their children push a lot of money into the coin-operated amusement devices. The prosecutor said there should be a minimum age limit for pinball players and municipal licensing for the machines. He said authorities are powerless under present laws to halt abuses except where they concern gambling.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Today is Flag Day in the United States, a special occasion to honor the Stars and Stripes. The observance is by presidential proclamation. Odd as it may seem, it is a legal holiday only in the state of Pennsylvania. The American flag is a symbol of our land of freedom. In years past, it was customary for many citizens to display the flag on various holidays, and, of course, on Flag Day. In recent years, the Stars and Stripes seldom are seen flying from other than public buildings and official residences of state and federal officials. Veterans organizations continue to honor the tradition of flying and respecting the flag. Many individual veterans do the same at their homes, but many more follow the lead of other citizens and do not fly the flag. paying homage to our flag is an essential part of patriotism, it is the outward manifestation of our respect and love. Is YOUR flag flying today?

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