BRUNSWICK – R.B. Hall Day, a celebration of community bands and the music they play, will be held all day Saturday, June 25, on the Brunswick Town Mall. Everyone is welcome; the event is free.

Twelve continuous hours of music are planned with each of 17 participating bands giving a 40-minute concert. In addition there will be one “Mass Band” concert given by musicians drawn from all of the bands. The event begins at 8:30 a.m.; exact schedule to be announced.

R.B. Hall Day is hosted by the Bath Municipal Band, with support from Midcoast REACH.

Each year on R.B. Hall day community bands from all over Maine gather in one location to provide a daylong concert of music. Each band plays at least one R.B. Hall composition, usually a march. In addition to marches, a great variety of music – medleys of show tunes, patriotic songs, classical selections, jazz, polkas, and waltzes – is offered.

This year marks the 25th R.B Hall day. Robert Browne Hall was born into a musical family at Bowdoinham on June 30, 1859, and died on June 8, 1907. He was an expert cornet player and band leader, but is best known as a composer. He wrote more than 100 musical compositions, most of which are marches. He was a contemporary of John Philip Sousa, and had an international reputation. In fact, Sousa played an R.B. Hall march at the Paris Exposition in 1900, and Hall’s marches were very popular with British bands.

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