Fourteen-year-old William Ziegler, the richest boy in the world and the adopted son and sole heir of the late William Ziegler, the baking powder king and projector of polar expeditions, recently told for the first time in an interview with a New York Journal reporter how he has determined to devote all the millions left to him by his foster father to seeking after the north pole and how he plans upon reaching his majority to personally lead an expedition into the frozen arctic regions to place upon the world’s map for all time to come the name of his father, who has left him such riches.

50 Years Ago, 1955

Anyone missing a lower denture plate? They’ve got ‘em at Beal’s Laundry, 7 Chestnut St., Auburn, and the falsies have been cleaned, no less. For this, there’ll be no charge, says manager Harry Badger. Badger said the plate was found yesterday in a washer. Apparently, he figures, they had been left in a pair of pants and fell out when the trousers were dumped into the washer. The manager said the teeth are sparkling clean and the owner can have them for the asking. Just come on over to the plant, anytime.

25 Years Ago, 1980

Lewiston’s old gas manufacturing plant on Lincoln Street, vacant for the last 10 years, is a “chemical hazard” and a “health hazard,” according to one city official, who said the city and state are being forced to respond to the problem because the property’s owners can’t be located. Sticky coal tar, other coal derivatives and a variety of debris now cover the property next to the Northern Utilities (NU) operation on Lincoln Street. A large metal tank still containing coal tar and derivatives, two small ponds – one at least 12 feet deep – containing coal tar and water, and a dangerously dilapidated cinder block building also rest on the property.

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