VATICAN CITY (AP)– Bishops from around the world approved 50 recommendations for the pope to consider in a future document. Here is a look at some of the proposals:

On Eucharist and polygamy:

“The nature of matrimony demands that man is bound definitively to a sole woman and vice versa. In this context, the polygamists who open themselves to the Christian faith should be helped to integrate their human project in the newness and radicalness of Christ’s message.”

The proposal asks for Christ to reach them and “call them to the renunciations and breaks necessary for Communion” and says the church should “accompany them in the meantime with pastoral care full of kindness and firmness.”

On inculturation, or using local customs in Mass:

The synod encourages “greater inculturation” in Masses, but bishops should favor a “just balance between the existing criteria and directives and the new adaptations.”

On participation by non-Catholics in Masses:

“In our pluralistic and multicultural society it is good that the significance of Holy Communion be explained also to those not baptized. … who are present at Mass for example for a baptism, confirmation, First Communion or funeral. … It should also be explained to them in a delicate but clear way that the fact they may not receive Communion is not a lack of respect in their regard.”

On use of Latin in liturgical celebrations:

The synod suggests that Latin be used during international gatherings “to better express the unity and universality of the Church.”

On Eucharist and the mentally disabled:

Mentally disabled people have a right to Communion, even if their ability to understand it cannot be proven.

On Eucharist and migrants:

“These faithful must be welcomed as members of the same body of Christ, no matter what their race, status or condition might be, especially in the Eucharistic celebrations. The charity of Christ urges the other local Churches …to generously help the dioceses that take in a large number of immigrants.”

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