DIXFIELD – New arrivals for November are announced at the Ludden Memorial Library.

Adult fiction

“A Warden’s Worry,” Probert; “A Wedding in December,” Shreve; “At First Sight,” Sparks; “Consent to Kill ,” Flynn; “First Impressions,” Deveraux; “Goodnight Nobody,” Weiner; “Light from Heaven,” Karon; “Mary, Mary,” Patterson.

Also, “October Song,” Lewis; “Pocketful of Pearls,” Bates; “Predator,” Cornwell; “Red Jungle,” Harrington; “Rules for Old Men Waiting,” Pouncey; “Running the Bulls,” Pelletier; “The Camel Club,” Baldacci; “The Colorado Kid,” King.

Also, “The Hot Kid,” Leonard; “The Ice Queen,” Hoffman; “To Walk Upon High Places,” Irwin; “Tomorrow’s Treasure,” Chaikin; “Toxic Bachelors,” Steel; “Yesterday’s Promise,” Chaikin.

Adult nonfiction

“A Painted Herbarium ,” Smith; “Around the World at 75…,” LaPlante; “Benjamin Franklin,” Talbot; “Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun,” Miller; “Divided Minds,” Wagner; “Earth,” Fortey; “Firefly Guide to Stars and Planets,” Moore; “Five Families,” Raab.

Also, “The Mason Jar Soup to Nuts,” Parks; “The Truth (with jokes),” Franken; “The Verbal Abusive Relationship,” Evans.

Adult fiction in large print

“A Ride into Morning,” Rinaldi; “Last Resort,” Alexander; “The Calhouns: Lilah,” Roberts; “Together is All We Need,” Phillips; “Wait Until Midnight,” Quick.


“Book Tales” (JUV), Phelps; “National Geographic: Beginner’s World Atlas” (JUV); “Seasonal Storytime Crafts” (JUV), Totten.

Juvenile fiction

“Bony Puzzle,” Thompson; “Don’t Say That, Willy Nilly,” Powell; “Honey..Honey…Lion,” Brett; “Horse Tales,” Crebbin; “Jingle Bells,” Park; “Noelle the Bulldog,” Estefan; “Old Town in the Green Groves,” Rylant; “Phantom Stallion: Firefly,” Farley.

Also, “Robot Dog,” Oliver; “Slippers at Home,” Clements; “The Box Car Children # 104: The Game Story Mystery,” Warner; “The Healing of Texas Jake,” Naylor; “The Magic Nation Thing,” Snyder; “The Maid, the Witch and the Cruel Queen,” Deary; “The Penultimate Peril,” Snicket; “Turkeys Together,” Wallace.

Young adult fiction

“The Isabel Factor ,” Friesen.

Graphic novels

“Black Beauty,” Brigman.

Juvenile nonfiction

“American Tall Tales,” Osborne; “Black Holes,” Nardo; “Clara Barton: Founder,” Stevenson; “Henry Ford: The Car Man,” Ford; “The Gettysburg Address,” Rivera; “The Great Depression,” Gunderson.


“All the King’s Men”; “Elmo Visits the Doctor (JUV)”; “If Wishes were Horses”; “Open Water”; “White Noise.”


“50 Harbor Street,” Macomber; “A View of the River,” Eagle; “Evening Hours,” Baxter; “Flashback,” London; “Frankenstein (Bk 1) Prodigal Son,” Koontz; “Frankenstein (Bk 2) City of Night,” Koontz; “Now You Die,” Heggan; “Only with a Highlander,” Chapman.

Also, “Seeing Red,” Shalvis; “The Book of the Seven Delights,” Krahn; “The Chosen,” Sala; “The Next Mrs. Blackthorne,” Johnston; “Wanting Something More,” Love; “Wanting What You GET,” Love; “Watching Amanda,” Taylor; “When He was Wicked,” Quinn; “Wish with the Candles,” Neels.

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