NORWAY – The People’s History Club has announced its 2005-2006 film presentations and discussion series. Members meet at 11 a.m. on the first and third Saturdays from December through mud season at the Norway Memorial Library, downstairs in the Community Room, Main Street.

Dec. 3, “The Agronomist”: The documentary about the life, struggles and death in 2000 of Jean Dominique speaks of Haiti’s history in a way that sheds light on what is happening there now. The film is by director Jonathan Demme. Michel Montras, Dominique’s wife, comes across as a commanding presence. She was once homecoming queen at the University of Maine, Orono.

Dec. 17, “Bolivian Revolution”: Venezuela is changing. President Hugo Chavez survived a U.S.-backed coup in April 2002. His government has won seven national elections and has introduced education, health care and food production reforms.

Jan. 7, “Bloqueo” and “Mission Against Terror”: The two short films are about Cuba. The first recalls the history, effects and response to the 45-year-old U.S. embargo against Cuba, which the Cubans call a blockade. Some Maine connections are evident in the film. “Mission Against Terror” tells of the imprisonment in the United States, after a flawed trial, of five Cuban men guilty of taking steps to protect their nation against terrorism out of Florida.

Jan. 21, “Matewan”: John Sayles made the feature film in 1987. It relates the story of a long strike that shook the West Virginia coal fields in the early 1920s. Militant labor union struggle is far removed from present realities, but has a presence in history that conveys messages of hope, tragedy and loss that resonate today.

This list of films can be readjusted. The club wants suggestions and ideas. Midday Saturdays have been chosen because people may be downtown then for other purposes and there will be a savings on gas.

A vigil for peace takes place across the street at 10 a.m. Saturday and people can attend both. Refreshments may be available. For information, call 743-2183.

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