Dear Sun Spots: I made a request for fabric remnants to make rag pocket books and rag rugs and got a very good response. I did get a few bags and would like to thank everyone for their responses. I still could use a few more bags, but it is better if they are in my area as I cannot travel far. If anyone has any scraps they don’t want, please call 645-3066 and I will pick them up. They can be as small as 1.2 inches wide but should be at least 7 inches long. I will take anything though and cut it myself. Thanks again. – Ruthann LeBlanc, Jay.

Dear Sun Spots: The U.S. Postal Service put out a CD on legitimate home businesses and how to spot scams. I believe it was free. Does any one know anything about this?

Secondly, is it really possible to get your degree through the mail or over the Internet? Correspondence schools? Which ones are legit?

And thirdly, is there a school in Maine that teaches hypnotism? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, you may want to check out www., which lists several fraud prevention DVDs:

“Web of Deceit: Internet Fraud” This DVD tells the story of a scammer who uses the Internet to victimize unsuspecting consumers around the world until he gets caught in his own web of deceit. The DVD also provides tips on what to watch out for when you do business on the Internet.

“Long Shot: Foreign Lottery Scams” This DVD tells the story of a foreign lottery fraud victim and the con artist behind the scam. Produced by High Noon Film and presented by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service, it also provides tips on helping you avoid becoming a victim of this scam.

Working at home has become attractive to many stay-at-home moms, college students and retirees. While some jobs are legitimate, others just don’t deliver on their promises. This free, short film tells the story of a new type of work-at-home scam and how a young mother gets caught up in it. It also provides tips on how you can avoid being duped by criminals and what to do if you’ve been victimized. This High Noon Film is presented by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service.

Identity fraud is the fastest-growing crime in America. With millions of victims and losses in the billions of dollars, it continues to be one of consumers’ biggest fears. This DVD tells the story of a couple whose credit is ruined and of the criminals who defrauded them. The DVD also provides tips on how to protect yourself against identity fraud – and what to do if you become a victim.

To order, check out the Web site or call toll free 1-800-782-6724. Please note that all DVDs feature a Spanish-language option.

Regarding your second question about degrees via mail or the Internet, you might also like to check out the book “College Degrees by Mail and Internet” by John Bear, Ph.D., and Mariah Bear, M.A. Both authors narrow down the field to 100 of the best accredited distance-learning schools in the world. Opinionated and conversational, this annually updated guide provides a quick but expert overview of the fastest-growing area of education today. You can locate it via or your local bookstore can likely order it for you. It costs $14.95.

And lastly, you might like to contact The American School of Hypnosis, 2600 Welsh Rd. No. 62, Philadelphia, PA 19152, (215) 586-1818, which lists classes at the Biddeford Adult & Continuing Education Center.

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