Dear Sun Spots: am looking for a Pentel correction pen, made in Japan, fine point, multipurpose. f anyone could please help, ‘d sure appreciate it. – No Name, Wilton.

Answer: n addition to responses from readers, you might like to check out the company’s Web site at You can also contact them via their corporate offices at Pentel of America, Ltd. Corporate Headquarters, 2805 Columbia St., Torrance, CA 90509, (310) 320-3831.

n searching the site, Sun Spots noted Pentel has several correction pens listed. Among them, Presto! fine point, mini, correction tape pens as well as pocket correction pens in medium and fine.

Dear Sun Spots: This is in response to the song you had in the Jan. 3 column: believe the name of that song was “A Red Rose From The Blue Side Of Town.”

Here are the words to “Mansion On The Hill,” (Hank Williams version) think they are looking for. Thanks for this wonderful columns. – Rita, Minot:

A Mansion on the Hill

Tonight down here in the valley

‘m lonesome and oh how feel

As sit here alone in my cabin

can see your mansion on the hill

Do you recall when we parted

The story to me you revealed

You said you could live without loving

n your loveless mansion on the hill

‘ve waited all through the years love

To give you a heart true and real

Cause know you’re living in sorrow

n your loveless mansion on the hill

The light shine bright from yer window

The trees stand so silent and still

know you’re alone with your pride dear

n your loveless mansion on the hill

Dear Sun Spots: This past fall bought a king-size quilt and two shams. The name of the pattern was Blue Log Cabin. Upon opening it a short while ago discovered the two shams did not match the quilt. They were standard and had a completely different color mixed in the squares, a lot of tan. Did anyone get a king-size shams with a lot of blues mixed among their patterns instead of tans? purchased it at Big Lots in Auburn. The name on it is Home Ex, and there is a rose printed where the o should be and a leaf in between Home and Ex. Please call me at 966-2224 if you would care to exchange the shams. Thank you, Sun Spots, for your great work. – No Name, Hebron.

Answer: n addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots did check in with the store, just in case. But they sell discontinued items that are typically purchased within a day or so, and the salesperson did not recall this item. Nor was Sun Spots able to locate any company named Home Ex. Hopefully there may be some readers who might recall this item or company and are willing to assist you.

Dear Sun Spots: ‘m hoping you or your readers can help me out. ‘ve been looking unsuccessfully for months for 3-volt (NOT 3-watt) replacement bulbs for some battery-operated Christmas candles. Even though the season is over, ‘m still pursuing the search in hopes of finding them before NEXT Christmas! The battery-operated candles are sold all over the place by several different retailers, but no one carries the replacement bulbs. Are we to assume that these candles and/or other pretty battery-operated decorations are intended to be disposable after the initial bulb burns out? Thanks for any help anyone can offer. – Denise in Lewiston.

Answer: f you are unsuccessful in your search you might like to check out which lists the bulb for 77 cents. n addition also list the same 3-volt replacement bulb for 77 cents.

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