HEBRON – The Hebron Academy community celebrated the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16 with a full day of activities, including class discussions of King’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail,” musical performances and a keynote speech by Bates College Professor of Religion Marcus C. Bruce.

Introduced by senior Algerson Andre, who chaired the day’s planning committee, Bruce reflected on King’s faith and commitment to the ideals of freedom, justice and equality.

He challenged the students to think about their own lives, and questioned what each student will do with his or her “extraordinarily valuable” life ahead, admonishing them to “pay attention, for the choices you make may be your defining moments.”

Bruce reminded his audience that King was willing to “step out on faith” and actively worked for “the kind of social and political change that could redeem and transform the souls of America … leaving behind the example of a committed life.”

Bruce’s talk was preceded by musical performances by Sam Chandler of Bath and Calvin Tweedie of Bar Harbor, Je Won Hong of Korea, Emeka Uwasomba of Laurelton, N.Y., Hwi Kyeong Kim of Korea and Hebron Academy teacher Shailer Barron. Spike Lee’s film, “Do the Right Thing,” was featured on Sunday evening.

For more information on Hebron Academy, visit www.hebronacademy.org or call 966-2100.

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