HARTFORD – Bob Calawa, chairman of the road committee, presented a spreadsheet to selectmen on Thursday night showing the cost for all the 2005 summer road work at $62,280.36.

He also shared information from his road committee meeting on Jan. 5.

Grace Goodrow presented an informal petition to the road committee for tarring of Camp Road. Goodrow contends a -mile section of the road is in very bad condition. There are 27 landowners within this -mile section, she said.

Road Commissioner Alan McNeil said the base of the road was good for tarring and suggested Goodrow bring the issue before the annual town meeting.

Selectman Chairman David Bowen said he would like the road committee to put together a cost analysis for buying plow trucks and the town doing its own work rather than contracting it out.

Calawa said that would be expensive with the cost of trucks around $110,000 each and the manpower needed. Bowen said Canton managed with one full-time person and one half-time person.

Calawa asked that a selectman be present at the February road committee meeting to help in future planning. The board meets on the first Tuesday of each month.

Selectmen accepted with regret the resignation of Joe Bedard from the road committee. There is now a need for one member on the road committee, the solid waste committee and an alternate on the Planning Board.

Selectmen have changed the annual meeting date and time from the usual Saturday morning to a weekday evening. The board hopes the change to 7 p.m. Thursday, May 18, will enable more people to attend the meeting.

“This will also free residents to enjoy their entire weekend,” Selectman Lee Holman said. There will be the traditional meal at 6 p.m. rather than the mid-day meal on a Saturday.

– Connie Footman

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