DIXFIELD – New arrivals have been announced at the Ludden Memorial Library for January.

Adult fiction

“All Night Long,” Krentz; “April Shadows,” Andrews; “Forever Odd,” Koontz; “Friends, Lovers, Chocolate,” McCall-Smith; “No Country for Old Men,” McCarthy; “One Last Look,” Miller; “Star Wars: The New Essential Chronology,” Wallace.

Also, “Stories of the West,” Tuska; “The Beginning,” Colter; “The High Calling,” Morris; “The Preacher’s Daughter,” Lewis; “The Store Keeper’s Daughter,” Brunstetter.

Adult nonfiction

“90 Minutes in Heaven,” Piper; “Alaska for Dummies,” Wohlforth; “Closing the Gap,” McGraw; “Colditz,” Chancellor; “Delivered From Distraction:…,” Hallowell; “For Laci,” Rocha; “Free Your Child from Asthma,” Rachelefsky; “From Mary to Lydia,” Mahney.

Also, “Our Endangered Values,” Carter; “Praxis 1: PPST 3rd Edition,” Bobrow; “Secrets of the eBay Millionaires,” Holden; “Sugar and Spice and No Longer Nice,” Prothrow-Stith; “What a Daughter Needs from Her Dad,” Farris; “Why America Slept,” Posner.

Large print adult fiction

“Gun Boss,” Ballas; “Just Above a Whisper,” Wick; “Levi’s Will,” Cramer; “Note of Peril,” Alexander; “Old Father of Waters,” Lemay; “One More Sunrise,” Lacy; “Quitting Time,” Sconley; “Survival Trail,” Cunningham; “The Last Juror,” Grisham; “Whispers in the Wind,” Lacy; “Wild Heather,” Palmer; “Wrapped in Rain,” Martin.

Large print adult nonfiction

“Why Do I Love These People?,” Bronson.

Young adult fiction

“Red Sea,” Tullson; “The Sledding Hill,” Crutcher; “To Spoil the Sun,” Rockwood.

Graphic novels

“Bone: Ghost Circles (7),” Smith.

Juvenile fiction

“Jason Takes Responsibility,” Kroll; “Two Little Trains,” Brown; “Ariel,” Tiffany; “Babe and Me,” Gutman; “Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors,” Nimmo; “Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy,” Nimmo; “Charlie Bone and the Time Twister,” Nimmo.

Also, “Diary of a Spider,” Cronin; “Girls in Pants,” Brashares; “Go to Sleep Ground Hog,” Cox; “Grandma and Me,” Katz; “Grandpa and Me,” Katz; “Great Ground Hogs,” Ruelle; “Hunter and Stripe and the Soccer Showdown,” Elliott; “Jason Takes Responsibility,” Kroll; “I Can Share,” Katz.

Also, “I Love Trains,” Sturges; “Love Lizzie: Letters to a Military Mom,” McElroy; “Midnight for Charlie Bone,” Nimmo; “Mister Sea Horse,” Carle; “Pablo Goes Hunting,” Tutt; “Pirates Past Noon,” Osborne; “Replay,” Creech; “The Doll with the Yellow Star,” McDonough.

Also, “The Subway Mouse,” Reid; “Two Little Trains ,” Brown; “What Does Baby Say?,” Katz; “White Water Scrubs,” McEwan; “Ziggy’s Blue Ribbon Day,” Mills.

Juvenile nonfiction

“Mystery Fish: Secrets of the Coelacanth,” Walker; “Robotics,” Domaine; “Grimm the Illustrated Fairy Tales:..,” Grimm; “The Thoroughbred Horse,” Diedrich; “Make It Work! Body,” Haslam; “The Spy’s Guide to Surveillance,” Wiese; “The Draw 50 Way,” Ames; “The Civil Rights Marches,” Howard; “Eat Healthy, Feel Great,” Sears.

Audio CDs

“Mark Twain: A Life”; “Beyond the City,” Doyle; “The Last Days of Dogtown,” Diamant; “Manhunt,” Evanovich; “Wandering Home,” McKibben; “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes II,” Doyle.


“Light from Heaven,” Karon; “Mount Vernon Love Story,” Clark.

VCR videos

“Cold Sassy Tree,” “Little Heroes.”


“Ambient Kittens”; “Eloise at the Plaza”; “Felicity: An American Girl Adventure”; “Little House on the Prairie Season 3: Parts 1 and 2”; “Little House on the Prairie Season 3: Parts 3 and 4”; “Little House on the Prairie Season 3: Parts 5 and 6”; “Monster-in-Law”; “National Treasure Regarding Henry Sahara Star Wars: Clone Wars”; “Stuttering: For Kids, by Kids”; “Swiss Family Robinson”; “The New Polar Express”; “Yesterday.”


“Almost a Lady,” Feather; “Betrayal in Death,” Robb’ “Broken Honor,” Potter; “Charming the Highlander,” Chalman; “Cruel Rider,” West; “Flirting with Disaster,” Woods; “Henrietta’s Own Castle,” Neels; “Judgment in Death,” Robb; “Kissed By Shadows,” Feather.

Also, “Loving the Highlander,” Chapman; “No Ordinary Summer,” Barrett; “No Regrets,” Ross; “Remembering Sarah,” Mooney; “Silver Bells,” Rice; “Swift Horse,” Edwards; “Texas Pride,” McGuire.

Also, “The Blue Rose,” Eglin; “The Ellsworth Trail,” Compton; “The Fiery Cross,” Gabaldon; “The Road to Ratchet Creek,” Edson; “Wedding the Highlander,” Chapman; “What Daddy Doesn’t Know,” Quinn.

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