LISBON – The Lisbon Community School honor roll for the second quarter is announced.

Grade five

Honors: Victoria Anderson, Rachel Ball, Ryan Brewer, Aaron French, Ethan Knowles, Mary Sessions, Brandi-Jo Storman, Jaymi Thibault, Brittany Turner.

Second honors: Sarah Anderson, Kayla Angelico, Kayla Bard, McKayla Bishop, Derek Butler, Miranda Carroll, Kristen Carter, Luci Charest, Zachariah Cribbin, Tyler Daly, Daniel Edens, Tyler Flaherty, Andrew Gamache, Casey Garrison, Leah Goldsberry, Talissa Grasmuck.

Also, Allanah Harkins, Briana Heaven, Elyssa Hubert, Meridith Huntington, Chelsea Huston, Michael Kane, Jordan Kates, Brenten Laffely, Jared Leduc, Chelsea Marquis, Logan McGuire, April McKay, Darren Niles, Gabrielle Ouellette, Caitlyn Owens, Deziray Pyrdeck, Damien Reginault, Ryan Riordan, Thomas Snow, Jacob Swan, Savannah Toothaker, John Wentworth, Brett Williams.

Third honors: Kenneth Allisot, Desiree Bouchard, Mina Craig, Levi Dussault, Brady Fenderson, Cody Foster, Desirae Furbish, Aaron Halls, Paige Hussey, Roger Jama, Brenden Jasper, Benjamin Kates, Brady Lane, Lacey Lyons, Bailey Madore, Hannah Martin, Alynese Nightingale, Alec Philippon, Haley Ridley.

Grade six

Honors: Jordan Beauparlant, Devon Brewer, Jessica Campbell, Jessiah Carlson, Jodie Day, Briana Domini, Sarah Giraldo, Alexa Harmon, Holly Hogan, Bethany Lemay, Katherine Lemieux, Christian McGowan, Kyle Priddle, Benjamin Randall, Virginia Tolbert.

Second honors: Isabella Baker, Lacey Berube, Theodore Bisson, Jessy Bosse, Jacob Call, Cheyenne Cameron, Justin Campbell, Hannah Campbell, Nehemiah Chase, Shayne Chubbuck, Taylor Colson, Breanna Cota, Alex Danforth, Cody Donovan, Haley Donovan, Haley Eck, Steven Elwell, Ryan Fairbanks.

Also, Christopher Finlay, Jamalyn Fowler, Nikkole Gardner, Patrick Garrett, Jada Glover, Justin Grant, Alex Hall, Hannah Hall, Michelle Hatherley, Anna Herling, Kayla Higgins, Matthew Hussey, Devon Landry, Amy Law, Erin Marquis, Chad Maley, Kadie McCourt, Gabrielle Miller, Seth Moan, Briana Moon, Briana Moore, Kassidy Morse, Kimberly Morse.

Also, Stephen Oliver, Daniel Ouellette, Dillon Pesce, Michael Pfusch, Kody Priddle, Stephen Proctor, Zachary Splude, Melissa Sawyer, Garrett Starr, James Stewart, Angel Strout, Shane Tanguay, Adam Thebeau, Meagan Thomas, David Torres, Jr., Zackary Turner, Tyler Wade, Jeremy Weddle, Lindsey Whitney, Zachary Williams, Alex Woodcock, Alyssa Yohe.

Third honors: Bethany Bernier, Joseph Daigle, Sarah Drottar, David Farnum, Alisha Jamieson, Brooke Lawrence, Shelby Lawrence, Keith Owens, Jacob Parton, Morgan Reeves, Nathan Rioux, Kody Rogers, Mason Smith, Kurt Walker, Whitney Wallingford.

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